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10,000 STRONG!

Larry n LaceWe recently hit a milestone on Facebook when we reached 10,000 page likes!

Social media has been fun for Audrey and me and we look forward to continuing this interaction with all of you.  The feedback and comments have been encouraging, helpful and entertaining.

Unfortunately, I’m not very tech savvy.   I have a definite love/hate relationship with my iPhone and I don’t get along at all with computers.  As you can imagine, I did NOT excel in typing class.  Therefore, Audrey and I (as always) work as a team.  We discuss content for posting, I write, she types/posts and we read and answer comments together with me looking over her shoulder.  In fact, I caught her once not reading aloud some of the many accolades…..I suppose to keep my ego in check!

But, honestly, I’m humbled to know we have 10,000 of you interested in what we’re up to and sharing some fun memories together.  I hope we can continue to grow this group by reaching fans of other players and coaches as well as adventure travelers, sportsmen and women, etc.  We’ll do our best to keep the content fun, relevant and, hopefully, informative.

Thank You!

ZONK, Audrey & Lace

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  • Wayne Pickett

    I know you get this kind of post all the time , but as a sickly little kid ( 52 now ) I always wanted to be you !! Your name , in some form is part of all of my passwords , whether it is work or personal . Not into hero worship or anything like that
    But you most certainly are an inspiration to me!!
    Thank you for being you.

    Wayne Pickett

    ( Go Dolphins)

  • Steve Powell

    Hey guys long time no see! Just wishing you a great independence day and hope to see you soon. Give me a call if you get a chance.

    Steve/Janine Powell
    Ranger Georgia

  • Jay Brophy

    Larry, my name is Jay Brophy( Dolphins 84-86) I’m from Akron Ohio, and live in Stow.. I meant you a few times over the years, and always enjoyed watching you, Kick, and Mercury when I was a growing up, while my older brother wanted to kick my ass, he was a Browns fan? Just wanted to say congrats on the Alaska trips etc. enjoy reading the stories.. And by the way, I always respected Shula, but what a prick! Lol.. Him and I didn’t always see eye to eye! Take care and continued success!

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