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larry 5.2 blogI was recently asked to participate in the NFL’s Draft announcements in Chicago.  The purpose of me and several other retired NFL players in attendance was to announce the 2nd round draft choices and welcome them to our respective teams.

I also took part in joining a relatively new group of retired NFLer’s called the NFL Legends.  The Legends welcome new draft choices to the league and act as mentors on how to avoid certain pitfalls often experienced by a high draft choice.  The Legends had an opportunity to meet with nearly all the 1st round draft choices and, perhaps, half the 2nd round choices prior to the actual draft.  I was pleasantly surprised with the organization of various meetings and how attentive and interested the young future NFL players were with our advice.   They asked a lot of questions on some fairly personal and sensitive subjects. Money, relatives, veteran players, pushy fans and media, relationships and investments were some of the topics discussed.

Of course, there was a lot of drama and controversy surrounding the Dolphins 1st round pick, Laremy Tunsil.  When the smoked cleared, I learned the Dolphins organization had previously researched and knew the complete story behind Tunsils’ alleged bad habits.  Ultimately, I don’t believe this kid has (or had) a drug problem and I think the Dolphins executed a great move in taking him.  I look forward to seeing how he fits in at Miami.

Finally, while in Chicago, I met up with my Dolphin teammate and good friend, Paul Warfield.  Paul began and finished his career with the Cleveland Browns and was in Chicago to announce their 2nd round pick.  We were both there on our own so we enjoyed several meals together (thanks to Joe’s Stone Crabs & Gibson’s Steakhouse).  We had a great time catching up and reliving old history.

Wishing the best to all Draftees selected.  Your future awaits.


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  • George Weaver

    That was a great idea those guys could learn a lot from your group, and help with their transition into the NFL.

  • Dave Correll

    Looking good Mr Csonka as life long Dolphins fan it’s great seeing the legends of our team still involved thanks for all the memories

  • Russ

    My all time favorite Fin, Zonk. Then probably “Crash”. Nothing but heart for your team.

  • Paul Quarantello

    Dear Zonk,
    I have bee a fan if yours since I was a young boy. I had the chance to meet you on a couple of occasions, once at Biscayne College, where you signed a football for me. I also had the chance to meet your don’t in Cape May,New Jersey as we were in the Coast Guard at the same time.
    Glad to see the pictures you post. You look excellent! Enjoy Alaska! Stay happy and healthy Sir!

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