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247Sports.com Picks Best 5 Dolphin Running Backs Ever

It’s always an honor to be recognized and remembered. Thanks to 247Sports.com for putting me at the top of a list of some remarkable running backs, including my friend Merc.

I’m very excited to see what Lamar Miller and Jay Ajayi can do this season to make this list in years to come.

It appears this may be the best O-line we’ve had in several years. I was lucky enough to have one of the best O-lines in the business, and you get nowhere without some solid guys up front.

As always, I am very excited to see what the new season will bring. Especially, with a little more emphasis on that running game. I’d love to see this league running the ball again.

Thanks again to 247Sports.com for the mention. Stop over and read the full article here.


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  • Todd sierfeld

    Being the age of 51 been a long time coming as a dolphin fan.I wonder where those footsie dolphin pajamas went.I can remember the end of the dynasty like it was yesterday Kenny stabler running let almost takled on the way down throwing the ball to Clarence Davis in the corner of the end zone.Zonk you were and still are my “favorite” running back.I think the back that reminds me most of you was Earl Campbell.The best and knowing you are a humble man I saw in my time,was Walter Payton (RIP) to me his speed,power,elusivness,and much like you to deliver a blow as he was about to be hit although not Dolphin a pleasure to wàtch.Good Luck in all your affairs, Todd Sierfeld

    • ZONK

      Todd, thanks for sharing with us, and I appreciate the kind words. Good luck finding those pajamas!

      – ZONK

  • Sean Curtis

    Zonk, I can’t get enough of watching video of you play. I became a Dolphin fan in 1970 at the aged of 3. Good timing, huh? I remember playing with toy cars on the floor at my father’s feet as had sat in his chair and watched football. I remember him saying to “watch out for Miami” when you guys got coach Shula. I remember the dolphin mascot in the tank—-my favorite TV show was “Flipper”—-and I remember my dad talking about “Zonk”. I show videos of you to my 7 year old daughter and we laugh at how you just dragged grown men 5 yards until 1 of them fell under your “wheels” and you tripped over their limp bodies!! 1/2 the time you were “tackled” it seems it was more opponents’ bodies piling up under your feet until you stumbled over them. I just watched a clip of your TD against the Steelers in the 1972 AFC Championship. Mel Blount… THE Mel Blount practically jumped out of you way on that swing pass. Thanks for all the great memories, Larry. God Bless.

  • John Zinn

    As a lifelong Fins man (old enough watching the 3 best… you, Kiick and Morris), thank you for the great memories! I have 1 autographed Dolphin photo, it’s you, and a poster of Shula’s 325. Just wanted to show the appreciation… I honestly believe there has been no back even close to your toughness with the tenacity of a cornered badger. Cheers brother! Keep enjoying the wilderness… I’m heading back to wildlife work myself now that my kids are raised.

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