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Lace PictureHopefully we’re nearing the end of Lace’s state of infirmary.  She’s doing great but it’s been, at times, a tough journey.

Per my past blog, most of you know Lace has been healing from a complex fracture to one of her hind legs.  The accident happened 2 months ago.  She had surgery at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville where they inserted a metal rod, took bone grafts from each shoulder and installed an external fixator with 9 pins and wires.  This is holding all in place while new bone and callous form inside her leg.  We were told, at the time, it would likely be a 3, possibly 4-month recovery.

The first month was most difficult.  Even with diligent cleaning and care of all pin and wire sites, it’s almost impossible to avoid infection.  We experienced some slight flare-ups but were, luckily, able to reverse this before it became too serious.  During this time she was, of course, on many meds that wreaked havoc on her system as well.  At one point, she flatly refused to take any more pills.  It didn’t matter how we disguised them (hot dog, cheese, liverwurst, chicken, tuna, salmon, steak, ice cream, etc., etc.) she would not take another pill!  As many of you know, Labs just don’t refuse food, period.  So we knew this was serious.  We were able to reevaluate her meds and put her on a low fat diet of rice and boiled burger to heal her belly.  Once we crossed that threshold, things got a little easier.  The extreme change in her backyard freedom, daily schedule and routine has also been difficult.  But we’re hopeful this will change soon.

Today, we’re visiting UF for another follow up with Dr. Lewis.  On our last visit, he was very encouraged with her progress and how the new bone material was forming in her leg.  He indicated it’s POSSIBLE he could remove the fixator on this visit.  We’ll see.

Fortunately, Lace began this challenge as a strong, healthy 12 year old dog and, for the most part, has handled all aspects of treatment really well (sometimes better than her humans.)  She’s a Lab so, thankfully, she has the disposition, resilience and will to deal with this sort of injury and recovery.  She’s an extraordinary dog, class act.

Thank you all for your interest in Lace.  We’ll keep you posted…


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  • Kathy Lagler

    So glad things are coming along so well for Lace. I agree with you about labs and their resilience, I have a chocolate lab and she’s been through 2 leg surgeries and came through them like a champ. She’s 10 and doing very well. Best of luck with the rest of his journey.

  • Doc

    well wishes for continued speedy recovery

  • Jon Bechtel

    Larry glad Lace is recovering. We just had to put our 13 year old girl down. Worst day of my life.

  • Mitchell Baxter

    Having cared for pets with serious medical issues, I know how stressful and worrying it is, and since we know what’s happening more than they do, it’s harder on us than on them. I feel for you and her.

    I’m glad to see that Lace is getting along well, and that she’s in good hands at UF (my alma mater). Knowing that you’re doing everything possible can give you some peace of mind.

    I hope she continues to heal, and gets to romp around in the grass without the fixator, and that you get to enjoy some more good years with her.

    Warm regards from a longtime fan and admirer.

    Mitchell Baxter
    Alexandria, Virginia
    (But born and raised in Miami)

  • @DolphinsRuleAll

    She looks like a really sweet dog. Terrible she had to go through such an ordeal, but I’m glad she’s got you looking out for her! Best wishes for a full recovery!

  • Scott Staigerwald

    Get well soon lace ,hate to see her in this condition,I know how these dogs love to run and love the water,but I’m sure she’ll be OK she looks like she’s as tough as her owner.

  • Mary Ivins

    Larry, I hope Lace is almost finished with her recovery. She looks like she is healing but my two daughter’s, Kate and Beth, seem to think she looks so sad. Beth would love to give her a hug. Hope to see you in Florida for hopefully Miami’s winning season this year

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