IMG_6224Alaska is a far away place and many things there seem to only happen or exist within its borders.  It is the 49th state but still, very much, a land of it’s own.  Their beer is just one classic example of a unique Alaskan product.

Many areas in the Lower 48 are known or associated with their special brand of beer – Genesee in upstate NY, Iron City in Pittsburgh, Coors in the Rockies, and so on.  I guess each of these locales or regions have their own particular slant on how to brew their local beer.  Having experienced all (at one time or another), I prefer the craft beers produced in Alaska.

There are several small breweries now located throughout the state.  Talkeetna, Sitka, Anchorage and other areas are producing quality local beers.  While producing our North to Alaska TV series, we visited the original Alaska brew masters – The Alaska Brewing Company in Juneau.  Their cold-aging process produces a smooth, rich beer and the use of glacial-fed water, spruce tips, alder and other local ingredients makes these truly authentic brews.

So when the weather here in Florida gets too damn hot, my fishing dock in Alaska and accompanying beer cooler start calling my name.  A cold Alaskan Amber or a White Ale…..a trout on the line…..my dog beside me…..yeah, it’s time.

If you’re in Alaska this summer, check out the Alaska Brewing tour in Juneau and/or other breweries in the state.  Sample some of their products during your travels and post a pic with your favorite(s).



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  • Steven may

    I Like all of your post of ALASKA, I am ready to go back. Now that I have been there in a caribou hunt with my cousin. RANDY AND HEATHER QUINCY!! I seen video of you hunting with them to, that’s pretty cool!! I used to watch your show north to ALASKA all the time. Great Show!!

  • richard gunion

    My alltime number 1 miami dolphin player my dad and i were at every home game larry 66 row ist level north side of orange bowl it was perfect cool in sep and oct and chilly if a north wind blew but still perfect for every great run you and 22 merc and 21 jim made thank you guys for the great perfect season

  • Jolynn Csonka camacho

    Great story.

  • Mark Bergman

    Alaskan Amber was the best beer I’ve ever had

  • Bill Kelley

    Larry, just a quick note from an old fan ( from 1968). I have been a Miami Dolphin fan since 1968 and as a young boy from Massachusetts we moved to Florida in hopes for a better life . My Dad introduced me to football and I have followed the Dolphins as a devoted fan ever since ! Just wanted to let you know that I was always a big fan of yours and still feel you were the best running back to ever play the game !!!! Being thrown for a loss wasn’t part of your game ! Today’s Running backs could learn a lot from watching your old video game films !Hats off to you Sir for making this Old Fart a Life Long Miami Dolphin Fan !!!!!!!

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