larry-vs-billsThe Jets were successful in shutting down the Dolphins running game.  But I think Matt Moore surprised them with the accuracy of his passing game. The Dolphins defense and special teams had great performances too. Although at times the Dolphins tackling in the secondary was weak.  

The Jets defensive line flat stopped us, repeatedly, on the goal line but, when it counted, Matt Moore stepped up and took control.  

Buffalo’s up next….in Buffalo.  Always a tough venue when I played and not necessarily on the field.  The fans in Buffalo were more than passionate about their football.

It was my rookie year and I was proud to be in the NFL.  Several members of my family and many friends had driven from Ohio and Syracuse to see me play and I wanted them to see my face as the announcer called my name and I ran out onto the field.  You know….macho stuff, right?   Luckily, one of our veteran players, Ray Jacobs, insisted I put my helmet on.  I argued but his face turned red as he told me, “put your damn helmet on rookie!  So I did.  No one argued with Ray for long.  Seconds later, a half can of Genesee came sailing down from high above in the stands and hit the side of my helmet spraying foam and beer everywhere!  Ray’s only response was, “see?”  I guess he’d played in Buffalo before.

And early in my career, before a game against the Bills, someone stole one of our charter buses we’d left in the parking lot while practicing at the old War Memorial Stadium!  On game day I asked the same driver if they’d located the stolen bus.  He said the Buffalo police hadn’t found it yet!!  What??  Where do you hide a Greyhound Scenic Cruiser?!  Those are just a few fun and entertaining memories I have from Buffalo.

Congratulations to the Dolphins for a continued fine effort on the field.  Hopefully, we’ll see a repeat performance (or better) Saturday.   It’s actually becoming fun to be a fan again.

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  • Scott Philips

    The last line of your blog says it all, Larry. After way too many years of “wait till next year”, we actually are in the playoff chase this year. It’s so good to see the Dolphins being relevant again. Worse than being a bad team is being a forgotten, irrelevant team. It’s great to have people talking about the Dolphins again!!

  • Jon Bramer

    Everyone drank Genesee in Upstate New York.
    I don’t blame the guy for throwing that crap.
    Just wish it didn’t hit you!

  • dennis padron

    Hi larry your take on mike pouncey and jay ajay as a runner

  • William Murphy

    Larry , I remember you knocking out a Bill during a game up here . It was one of my Greatest moments as a Dolphins Fan . You were the Best !!! Merry Christmas !!!

  • Linda Rompot

    Fintastic……. Matt did a super job, glad to know we have 2 QBs…. I remember being at a Miami Jets game in the old Orange Bowl in the 70’s. We were surrounded by Jet fans and what nasty people. It was raining and all they would do was stand up, we had to stand up to see, we could not sit down. When we asked them to sit down they would only yell nasty comments. I have never liked the Jets or their fans, glad to see us beat them.

  • Jon Bechtel

    Don’t like those Bills Larry. I do remember they never beat us in the decade of the 70’s. OJ never did much on Manny, Nick, and the boys!

  • Rick Brinklow

    Hi Larry, I recently read a book by Art Donovan of the Baltimore Colts telling about his experiences while playing pro football. I have heard some of your speeches on You Tube and think your life story would make a great book to read. Any chance? I watch you play although your playing days both at Syracuse and Miami. Met you once at a restaurant in Davie, Fl. I am now living in Edgewater but continue to follow the Fins I used to play alot of golf at Earl Morrall’s Arrowhead Country Club and enjoyed his stories about you and the rest of the Dolphins. Think about writing your book.

  • Ron Armstrong

    You were the reason I became a Miami Dolphins fan , love reading your posts. Thanks for all the great memories Zone, still perfect


  • Hector Vega

    Hi Mr Csonka,
    Big time Miami fan here.
    First Dolphin game I ever watched was one of your final games as a Dolphin
    1979 playoff game against Pittsburgh.
    We lost that day but I won because I became a fan of the game of football forever.
    Not to mention a fan of one of the greatest franchises in NFL history.
    I hope you & I get to see one more Super Bowl before it’s all said & done.
    Thank you
    Hector Vega

  • Bill Catlett

    I think I remember the security people telling Joe that he wasn’t allowed to punch the assholes that needed punched!

  • Andy

    Great stories thanks for sharing them Zonk

  • Reply

    Larry, Great memories! I guess my old buddy Bull was still with the team that year. Nice to meet you last summer with the Goodrich boys. You have to get up her to WV for some small mouth this spring I know some great guides Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and Audrey

  • bryant davis

    Larry, I have been a Dolphin Fan for 46 years,some of my best childhood memories are of you running over defensive backs !

    I am glad to see you doing well, thanks for the memories……

  • Agua

    Dare not even speak it, but are we on the verge of something special here?

  • carnie lipke

    Hi Larry
    I have been a great of yours when you with Dolphins. I was wondering where you are at and doing what ever. Is there a possibility you could and would send me a autograph picture of your football days?
    What do you have for a family.

    A foe ever fan of Larry and the Dolphins.

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