I think so.  After watching the progress of the Dolphins team under Coach Gase, I’m more optimistic about the team than I have been in years.  Coach Gase has taken the opportunity to bring past players he’s coached or coached against on to the current squad.  With this, I believe he’s strengthened the depth of his personnel considerably in a relatively short period of time.

Obviously, QB Cutler is a very important acquisition for the Dolphins.  He appears to be just what the offense needs.  Cutler is familiar with Coach Gase’s system (Chicago) and seems to have confidence in his program.

At QB, WR, RB and TE positions, the Dolphins seem to be ready for the upcoming season.  But I’m not sure about the offensive line or, more specifically, the depth of the offensive line as they’ve had a nagging injury problem.

The defense seems strong with a good defensive line and good DB’s.  Coach Gase has added new personnel to the LB spots but I’m concerned over injuries suffered at that position.  Have they improved and can they stay healthy?!

Defensive secondary looks….

The more comfortable Coach Gase gets with the reliability of his back up players, the better the team will do.

Coach Gase has shown a real talent for bringing dependable back up players to the roster.  These are players who’ve been tried and proven under fire.

Overall there are numerous new faces on this 2017 squad that have made their way to the Dolphins by having previous experience with, or against, Coach Gase at other teams.  But will the chemistry work?  I hope it will.  No doubt, we have the talent in individual players.  Now we look for the chemistry and team unity needed for a championship team!  


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  • Robert A Moreno

    Hello Larry, I wrote you awhile back about stopping you in Miami As. You were going to the reservation for hunting. I wrote you a warning so I could get your autograph. My supervisor took the warning to the Chiefs house and I never saw it again. I would like to have something from you. You are the greatest football player I know.

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