Camp Fire Cobbler

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Camp Fire Cobbler

1 package yellow or white cake mix (as directed on package)
1 can crushed pineapple
1 can raspberry pie filling
Fresh blueberries (or your preference)
1 stick of butter

Have your coals good and hot, they should be white. You will need 8 coals on the bottom & 17 on the top, distributed evenly. You will want to have some extra coals to replace the ones that go out faster than others.
Pour cans of filling and pineapple in bottom of Dutch oven.
Pour cake mix over the top of fruit. DO NOT STIR!
Cut up your butter into squares and evenly place on top of cake mixture.
Sprinkle fresh blueberries all over the top.
After 10 minutes of cooking without lifting the lid, you will need to spin the lid ¼ of a turn, and then the whole oven ¼ of a turn. You will repeat this again after another 10 minutes.
You will do this again twice more.
Total cooking time is 45 minutes.


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