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don-shulaYes, I think they can and here’s how….

I do not believe the Baltimore Ravens are that much better of a football team than the Miami Dolphins.  I do believe the Dolphins were not ready to play and, in my opinion, that responsibility falls on the coaches.

There is a tendency for a young successful team to ease up at some point in the season, particularly, after a six game winning streak.  Players will naturally feel they can get away with less effort to win.  It’s up to the coaches to anticipate this tendency and increase the attention to detail and motivation during practice.  When a team is flat, emotionally, there will be a poor showing across the board with offense, defense, special teams, assistant coaches and even supportive staff.  This is when all coaches must step up the intensity of practice and classroom activity.

Can we compare this current Dolphins team with the young, developing Dolphins team of the early 70’s?  You bet.  But I know if we had performed as poorly as this current team did on Sunday, well….this next week of practice would’ve been HELL!  Shula would’ve had his foot so far up our asses we’d be tasting toe jam all week!  He made practice so tough and so miserable that we looked forward to venting our hostilities toward him on our next opponent!  And it worked.

That said, I think our team is in for a rough week.  But, if they can regain their intensity and enthusiasm, I believe it’ll result in a win against the Cardinals next Sunday!


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  • Evan

    Hopefully Gase has a Shula in him and gets the players back on track.

  • Jorge

    Preach on ,Zonk! Train like you fight, fight like you train.

  • Joe chindamo

    I think they will win out

  • Zeke

    This is going to be the game that will show how far this team has really come. They got their butt’s handed to them by a better football team, good teams will come back after a bad loss and respond with a win.

    What bothers me the most is all the negativity on Tannehill this week, It’s really unbelievable. For a 6-8 week period people stopped questioning Tannehill, most saying that he is a franchise QB and some even wrote posts to apologize to him. He had a bad game against one of the best defenses in football, in their house, in bad weather where the defense was non existent and the Dolphins abandoned the run game which made the game plan for the Ravens easier on defense. For 6 weeks he was arguably playing like a top 5-10 QB in the league with a 104% QB rating and after one game, we’re back to “he needs to go” and #blametannehill. Where is all the hate for Rivers after his bad game? What about Newton who is having a terrible year, or Wilson who is having a below average year. Rogers, Brees, Ryan, Luck, all have teams who have less win’s than the Dolphins this season, where is the hate for them not carrying their team? I just don’t understand how this kid can play well for most of the season and nobody cares, but as soon as he has a bad game….. then it’s #blametannehill and it’s time for him to go. This team is not good, the defense is bad and it’s been like this since he’s been on the team. Even HOF QB’s can’t lead a bad team to the playoffs.

  • Jon Bechtl

    Right on Larry!

  • Raymond Murphy

    I was at the game. Worst I have ever seen them play. Defense is bad. Need a Zach Thomas or a John Offerd. Need a running back. U were awesome Larry.

  • joe

    Very true Larry! I think a formula of pounding the rock should get the results The team looking for we need to run run run when averaging 5 yards a carry. I think Gase Realizes that I hope!

  • Jack Buzek

    Zonk, it is great to hear the way Shula handled you guys in the 70’s, do you think Gase will be the same kind of coach that Shula was in this situation? I sure hope so, because that is what produces winners. Been a fan since 1969. My greatest game that I was at the orange bowl was the 52-0 win over New England. Do you think that will ever happen again?

  • George M Karoba

    Good morning Mr Czonka, it isna pleasure to write to a legend of his playing days with our beloved Miami Dolphins. Saw you play when i was a young boy in the OB and on TV. God Bless you and GO DOLPHINS!

  • Keith Lamb

    Your are on point with that #39 . I agree with your assessment of the Dolphins . Go Dolphins !!!!!!

  • Mike hohman

    I think you hit it on the head they will rebound we always for some reason struggle with the ravens

  • Phillip S.

    I agree I have enjoyed watching this team throughout the years, the early 70’s were fantastic as well as the Marino era. The last couple of years has been a rough span. I do believe that the Dolphins have a head coach that will keep the focus in the right direction. his formula seems to have already changed a lot of the attitude of this club. I think with all the talent on this Defense something is still missing, a spark maybe a player or playmaker. but the coverage in the middle of the field is horrible to say the least. plus some poor tackling. I honestly think Tannehill is a decent enough QB whom will eventually find his stride in this offense the KEY here is Protection. Even Dan Marino would not have survived with the O-lines that Ryan has had try to protect him. with that being said, I am curious to see how they respond vs the Cardinals this week, I know that some of the offensive line are back. It will be a true picture as to IF the culture and mentality of this club has INDEED changed. On another note, thank you it was a sincere pleasure growing up watching you play and carry people downfield with you !! have a great day PHINS UP !

  • Bill Soden

    Well said Mr. Zonk! I think because it has become so much of a big business that the days of real coaching met it’s match with a lot of these Showboat taunting players.

  • Glenn

    Been following the dolphins since 1970. You were my favorite Larry when you played even when you went to the giants lol. Was made when you jumped to the WFL because we had a dynasty in the works. Just saw an episode of the 6 million dollar man you were in Funny episode.

  • B.J. Eastman

    I believe a legand

  • Elliott Rubin

    Larry, I’m a lifelong Phins fan and my only jersey is an Aqua Csonka throwback. My dad is 62 this year and I was wondering if I sent you a copy of your Sporting News cover from the 70s (including a self addressed box and return postage) if you’d have time to sign it and send it back? If not, no worries. Phins up!

  • Linda Rompot

    We are with you Zonk, they gotta get their butts in action. I am holding on and will cheer them on but we need a vitamin shot of enthusiasm for sure.

  • Bruce Gorman

    With the recent injury to Tannehill do see some similarities to when Greise went down and Earl ,rip, came in? Tight lines Zonk. Merry Christmas. Thank you for being a Miami Dolphin.

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