I’m afraid I started this season with exceptionally high hopes.  The Dolphins were among the worst in the league.  Then, with Coach Gase on board, we’re suddenly in the playoffs.  Additionally, they acquired some quality talent in key positions during the offseason so my expectations were high for a winning season in Miami this year.

To say the season has had a rough start would certainly be an understatement.  The Dolphins started with a canceled game, a hurricane, Tannehill out (again), international travel, continuing pre game controversy and the embarrassing offensive line coach debacle.  True, some of these distractions are self–inflicted, but not all.  

Yet here we are at 2-2.  This is a very important week for the Dolphins.  After all they’ve been through and continue to face, can they turn it around?  These next few weeks are pivotal and could be their defining moment.  I believe the talent is there but they need a leader.  They need someone to rally them as a TEAM!  Someone who can inspire them to WIN!  So far, I haven’t seen them play as a real team….a cohesive unit on the field.

Their division is probably the toughest division right now.  They’ll have to find a way to dig deep and come together as a team to stay in the hunt.  Hopefully, the coaching staff can regroup to rally and motivate the players into a winning season.  


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  • Jose Esquer

    Zonk , Huge Fan of yours From Mexico . Became a Fins Fans because of you , here I am hoping for better season too.
    Fins Up Larry,

  • Michael Lombardi

    I just want to say hello. I’ve been a big fan of yours since I was a kid. Hope you have a great day.

  • Anthony Priore

    Mr. Larry Csonka,
    I always been a Miami Dolphin Fan 100%. I
    remember when Miami was Undefeated Perfect
    Season 1972. I was 9 back then. My name is
    Anthony Priore I am 53 yrs old and my son, who
    is also a Dolphin fan is 11 yrs old. You were my
    # 1 Player for Miami. When you carry the football
    You use to run straight through everybody. I just
    wanted to say thank you for all of your great football
    Talent, and the best fullback for Miami Dolphin.

    Thank You.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Anthony Priore & Son
    Anthony Priore JR.

  • Tommy D

    Get the hat.

  • kenneth aherron

    I can remember watching DOLPHINS play which was very few living in Virginia and having to go down to the drug store on Tuesdays and reading Mr. Popes review of that weekends game and that win in the win column.I just dont see that now ?

  • Wayne

    Hi Larry, I am Wayne , nice to meet you. I am looking forward to great conversations in the future regarding Miami Dolphin football.

  • Fredi Bello

    Hi Larry how are you sir? Loved reading thru your website about the current and past stuff in your football life. I’m 47 years old and caught just a little in the tail end of your career but through the magic of replays and YouTube, got to see a lot of your great games and runs. I do a podcast here in the Detroit area thru ITunes ( The PizzaMan Podcast) as a hobby, but take it serious. Would love to have you on a guest and promote your website, speaking engagements and your past games/teammates. Please let me know. Fredi Bello, The PizzaMan


    Thank goodness they were able to find a way to win especially after that slow start on Sunday. Being 3-2 I not bad considering what we are having to overcome. Now it’s on to the Jets and they are never a push over. I hope Cutler is finding his mojo. He looked like he had a little fire fire out there this last week against Atlanta. Hopefully he keeps it burning this week especially considering it’s Jets week.

  • Gregory Hofmann

    How do you feel about the kneeling protest Larry? I myself don’t like it but, I believe it is their right and will still support The Fins. Wish the Dolphins would get back to their winning ways of yesteryear. I have a Csonka 39 Jersey and an autograph picture of the Zonk!

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