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Since our Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase, did such a fine job his first year with the team, I’ve got renewed enthusiasm for the upcoming NFL Draft and the 2017 season.  Our offensive and defensive line seems vastly improved from previous years.  However, I’m hoping the Dolphins will go after a top TE from the college ranks.  It would be really nice to have a TE capable of making that big 3rd down play!  Defensively, I think the Dolphins should be looking for LB’ers.

I’ll be in Canton, OH at the Professional Football Hall of Fame this week for the Draft festivities.  Myself and other Hall of Famer’s will participate in a draft day event to benefit the future Legends Landing that is part of a huge expansive project at the Hall of Fame.  I was in Chicago last year for the Draft and had a great time with my teammate and fellow Hall of Famer, Paul Warfield.  

I remember when I was a 1st round draft choice.  In 1968 the draft was national news but it was pretty much confined to the second page of the sports section of most newspapers.  I came home to my apartment in Syracuse to find a message to call my agent immediately.  This is how I learned Miami would be my NFL home.   

Today, of course, the NFL Draft has become it’s own national holiday of sorts with different cities competing to be the next host.  This year it’ll take place in Philadelphia.

We’ll post some pics from Canton later this week.  Should be a good time!

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