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Earlier in the season, released their list of the best fullbacks of all time. Larry was very humbled to be included in this list with the likes of Jim Brown, and his long time idol, Bronko Nagurski. The article is a interesting read focussing on the evolution of offenses in the NFL. Fullbacks were once highly utilized as punishing runners as well as vital blockers in the passing and running game.

2014 has shown a glimpse of the return of the punishing backs with players like Marshawn Lynch, Le’Veon Bell, and Eddie Lacey showing great success. We hear a lot about the passing game, but with defenses focussing on the pass, a successful running game is vital to keep the defense honest. We may be a little bias here, but there is nothing better than watching a hard nosed running back shedding tacklers and wearing down a defenses.

If Merriam — or Webster — had to select one all-time NFL player to be listed next to the definition of the word “toughness” in the dictionary, former Miami Dolphins star Larry Csonka would easily get the nod.   – Corbin Smith,


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  • Doc Bullard

    When you talk of the greatest fullback, there can only be two names. Larry and Jim Brown. I played with Larry at Syracuse. And in case you forgot, Jim Brown also played at Syracuse.

    • ZONK

      Hey Doc, Thanks a lot. Go Orange!!

  • Rundy Galles


    I was a big fan of your Alaska TV show and, of course, your Miami Dolphin football career especially with a Purdue great, Bob Griese – I am a Purdue grad, too. I spent 30 years in the Army on active duty and retired here in Eagle River, Alaska. While my wife and I were on this year’s Crystal’s Northwest Passage, we met Chuck & Sally Heath. They mentioned you now live here in Alaska too.

    My wife and I are planning an Alaskan fishing trip to one of the great Alaskan fishing lodges. I remember from your TV show that you used to regularly go to one particular lodge on the Nushagak lodge. Would you be so kind to tell me which Nushagak lodge you recommend for King Salmon fishing. Many thanks!

    Rundy Galles

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