It’s early July and most Alaskans are still focused on king salmon fishing.  Memorial Day weekend marks the opening with most rivers producing kings through July.  But it’s always sketchy on where the best fishing will be.  Which river will have the big run and when?  Which past fishing venues will be great again or will they be shut down for lack of return?

Unfortunately, in recent years, local rivers have been challenged with low numbers of fish returning.  Fish & Game monitors these numbers and will change allowed procedures (bait, no bait, single hook, etc.) or close a river to fishing completely, if needed.  Most locals have the ability to work around these changes and hit the river at the right time to catch their king(s).  But the uncertainty of the returns and the common closures of some rivers make it difficult for a visitor to travel and make fishing plans for king salmon this time of year.

That’s when my thoughts drift off to the more remote places that seem to have a superb return every year.  One of the first remote areas I think of is the Goodnews River Lodge in southwest Alaska.  The fish returns and higher limits are great but I’m also drawn to Goodnews for the remoteness, the deluxe camp accommodations and the opportunity to fly in a vintage DC-3 aircraft between Anchorage and the village of Goodnews.  A man my age remembers when DC-3’s were in service back in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  What a thrill to step back in time, climb in and have it take you to some of the best king salmon fishing in the state.  Only challenge is not getting out-fished by Audrey while I’m there!

We’ll post a video of some past king salmon fishing action later this week!


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  • Thomas

    I really enjoyed watching you on TV with my dad as a boy. Then I caught a few episodes of you hunting and fishing on TV and my respect for you and how your family enjoys the outdoors as much as mine. Wish you the best of luck and good health sir. For Alaska and all its beauty can push us to limits we never knew existed and I’m never disappointed if I come home with only memories.

  • Carl + Nina Nash

    Hi Larry it’s Carl and Nina Nash from Beaverton Oregon. We metyou and Audrey up on the Togiak, in fact we flew with you and your crew out of Anchorage on that beautiful DC3 , I think it had been some Admirals plane , we love the Togiak , made 5 trips to Larry’s place..This year we are going to LANGARA BC . In August for Chinook and Halibut , Ling Cod. We are very interested in this Goodnews lodge Especially with better limits ! Thanks for your posts , and yeah Nina can out fish me at times, which really I don’t mind so much but the trash talking …. Well here’s wishing you both, sharp hooks and tight lines,! Carl Nash

  • Scott

    That’s a nice catch,im surprised your not fighting off the bears.just seen this picture,its august right now getting ready to watch recording of preseason dolphins game against the falcons,hope they do good this year with new coach,tired of losing,oh well have a great day

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