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"From Old Friend: Will travel to Florida and be at San Diego game. Staying at Shula's Hotel and would really like to see you again and buy some drinks! Dave"
"I was really looking forward to looking through the recipes on your website, however none of them are showing. Love the show. Would really like to be able to see the recipes that Smokeejo does on the show that says you can find them on Larry Csonka.com."
"Larry, I grew up a Saints fan living in Louisiana, but also was a big fan of the Dolphins when you played since the Saints were so miserable during that period. I watched your show regularly for the past 15 years, and I've enjoyed it more than any other hunting and fishing show I've seen. In fact, it was by far my favorite hunting and fishing show to record to make sure I didn't miss it each week. Having recently retired myself, I look forward to having more time to spend outdoors like you and Audrey; particularly fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking. While I hope to make it up to Alaska in the future, I always enjoyed how your show captured your hunting and fishing experiences, the scenery of the places you went, and the people that live there. Thanks for being a part of such a phenomenal show, and best wishes for you and Audrey in your retirement. Sam."
"Larry and Audrey: I have recorded and watched almost everyone of your shows. I really enjoyed each week watching your adventures. I will miss the shows for sure. I have been fishing in a lot of the places where you made your shows. Nugshiak river, Bristol Bay, the Kenai river, and Homer where I caught a 178lb halibut. I also enjoyed watching and trying smokey Joe's recipes. I live in Washington state 100 miles North of Seattle and have fished most every inlet and fishing area between Blaine WA and Alaska. But I really would have liked to fish the smaller streams and areas for kings and silvers where you were able to catch them on fly rods. I wish you both the best in retirement and hope you now get to just enjoy the fishing on a fun level without all the work of making your shows. Larry I also am about your age and watched your Dolphins go through the undefeated season and win the super bowl. Not sure anyone will ever repeat that feat. Living 100 miles from Seattle we are big Seahawk fans and hope they finish the season as strong as they started. Anyway happy retirement and tight lines to you both and thanks again for the wonderful entertainment for all the years.."
"Larry and Audrey, I just watched your final episode. It was great, but it was also sad in some ways. I really have enjoyed watching you folks over the years and even though we have never met, it feels like saying goodbye to old friends. And yes, your show did indeed inspire me to get to Alaska. This last June I finally made it spending most of the month on Kodiak Island. I am now working on how to get back this year for an even longer stay. Aloha, and God Bless. Mike K. P.S. Enjoy retirement and I do hope we run into one another in the Greatland in the future."
"Hi Larry and Audrey I just watched your show on tv and am sad to see you go. I understand you want to keep on exploring Alaska. I remember watching you when I was a kid playing for the Dolphins. I have been a fin fan ever since. I always enjoyed your show and I understand you want to kick back and enjoy Alaska without the hectic tv schedule. I may never make it to Alaska and we may never meet here on earth. If that should be the case then I hope to meet you in the happy hunting and fishing ground in a better place. May God bless you, Audrey and your family. Duane B."
"Larry, I'm 70,born in south Ga. Waycross, Ga. in fact. retired from CSX corp. and Ga. dept. of Corrections. Spent all of my married life working hard for the family' Owned a few hundred acres of timber land in middle Ga. so that's where I did most of my hunting. The wife and I took in Alaska two years ago during the Salmon run. The bears fish and every thing else was just wonderful. My buddy and I were planning a trip up but he had a stroke and passed away . Some how it's just not the same any more. Your state is something else to see. I wish everyone could see it. I love your shows."
"Hi Larry Ever sence i was a kid i followed your nlf carreer and i follow you on napas north to alaska I also enjoy the out doors and when i came up to alaska for the 1st time i feel in love with alaska and been hear ever sence and i enjoy fishing on the kenai for reds and i also enjoy hunting camping and other out doors and its been my life long dream to meet you in person and im in the process of gather the money so i can get your nfl auto gear which means aa auto jerey of each color a helmet and football and i have a artical from the paper where you posed with a king salmon from the kasiloff river. If you ever have time when you come through anchorage alaska i would like to take the time to meet you in person and my number is 907 310 1972. thanks Roy"
"Larry and Audrey, will you continue to live in Alaska now that your program is in its final season? I read one other posting, the one from the lady who offered the suggestion that you consider doing programs on Alaska itself. I would be pleased and honored to second that suggestion! I, for one, can never see enough shows about it!"
"where is the three cheese recipe for salmon. so far all the receipes are fantastic! Thank you"
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