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Hopefully I won’t jinx their current success by singing their praises too soon….but I want to comment on what we’ve seen from the Dolphins the past few weeks.  Although, I feel we still have work to do, it sure is fun to be winning again, right?!

Four straight wins and 2nd in the AFC East is something we’re all very happy about.  The Dolphins continue to mature and come on strong when needed.  The defense is a mean machine, particularly, the defensive line.  If you’re an opposing passer and you take too long on your read, there’s a price to pay!  

I’m really pleased and excited about the team’s progress under our new head coach, Adam Gase.  Tannehill has made the big play when we had to have it….but we’re still lacking a quick and accurate short passing game.  This is critical in my opinion.  Kicking game runs hot and cold but is getting better.  Overall, I’m very encouraged with the team’s new development and, of course, thrilled to see a running game in place!  

I’m looking forward to more victories!


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