If you’re traveling to Alaska for a short stay or the summer, your arrival point is, most likely, the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage.

A two-minute shuttle ride puts you at Lake Hood – the world’s busiest floatplane base.  From here, you can connect to most anywhere in Southcentral Alaska to fish, hunt, bear view, walk on a glacier and more!

Being veterans of Alaska for some 20 years, there are only a few places we haven’t visited…..yet.  But if I were to give advice to a newcomer, it would be to consider your first trip based out of Lake Hood.

Alaska is too vast, and many areas too remote, to see all in one trip.  A few short excursions to the destinations of your choice will give you a sample of what the more remote areas have to offer without committing all your time to one location.  Take advantage of the time you have and see the most you can flying from Lake Hood.

It’s a big state with a lot to see and do.  Do your research and have a plan that’ll target the areas and activities higher on your list.


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  • Sue

    Veteran of 907?
    Do you spend winters here?
    Do you get PFD?
    Sure 20 yrs of visiting during summers deserve a title but not veteran. Yes, you own a piece of it, but really FL will be home forever.
    Thanks for considering a new title. Miss the show on tv.
    35 yr Sourdough & USAF Vet 😉

  • Jerald and Kathy Hufford

    Larry it has been Kathy and my dream to come and visit Alaska where would you suggest an older couple in their 60’s with bad knees to visit and where to fish for King salmon.

  • Shaun Pfund

    Larry would you please contact Raul Molina @ 520-444-1199 – Raul is a co-worker and the law enforcement liaison for Special Olympics. They are obtaining sports memorabilia from a variety of sources.. I mentioned what a stand up kind of guy you are and thought you would like to be involved in this honorable effort.
    Shaun Pfund
    Detective, Pima County Attorney’s Office, Tucson, AZ

  • John Cotton

    Thank you for this information. I understand that if I want to RV in Alka that using a ferry is the best as there are alot of places you can’t drive. What do you think. BTW it has been great seeing you on TV. Your looking great. Take care, be safe.

  • Mike smith

    Hey Larry,
    We are doing a cruise up to alaska from Seattle in a month. I am excited to see this wonderful place. My wife and I live in Portland Oregon. Ever been there? My dad and I we big dolphin fans in the 1970’s. We cheered you guys on to two super bowl wins!
    Hey pal, if I sent you a football and a.magazine, would you be willing to sign them for me and my dad? I will send shipping money as well.
    Please think about it pal.Thanks!

    Mike Smith
    P.o. box 55682
    Portland Oregon

  • Carter Harrid

    Any fishing lodges in Seward that you like? I wish you still had available an index of all of the lodges you profiled on North to Alaska.

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