Alaska-Resurrection-Bay-1024x769We’re closing in on the time of year when our thoughts turn towards migrating back to Alaska.  We start laying out our plan for the approximate 4,000 mile road trip across the US, through some very remote areas of northwest Canada and in to Alaska.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve made plenty of lists before the actual packing begins.  We’ve learned one important rule – research, plan ahead and have the right gear.  There’s an old saying from Alaskan sourdoughs – “you can be cold or you can be wet….but if you’re cold AND wet, you’re dead”.   So plan ahead, know what you’ll need.  Fleece, good raingear, hiking boots, hats, sleeping gear, cooking supplies, toiletries, etc., should all be considered.  “If the gear ain’t right, the camper ain’t bright!”

What you pack is just as important as the order you pack it in.  It’s important to keep items you may need during travel easily accessible.  Knowing which backpack compartment includes the TP could make a real difference along the hiking trail in an emergency!

Over the years, Audrey and I have gotten very accustomed to packing light for a weekend excursion in the Lower 48 but we quickly learned in Alaska that light or careless packing could sometimes be a serious, if not deadly, mistake.  However, packing light is, of course, necessary when hiking or traveling in to the bush on small planes, so be sure you’re packing the essentials.  Know what you’ll need and pack backups of just the critical items – socks, gloves, lighter, etc.

Alaska’s vastness and remote wilderness areas are an attraction, but can also be a very real danger.  Forethought and preparation were strict lessons the Alaska pioneers learned and have handed down to today’s Alaskans and adventure travelers.

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  • Ern Lopez

    Someday… I promise.

  • Steve May

    Hi,Larry I love to read your post. I Went to ALASKA for the first time last August,On a caribou
    Hunt, with Alaska gold rush Adventures!! Randy and Heather are Family, Heather is my cousin! I used to watch your show north to ALASKA all the time. Was a great time getting to drive all the way from willow to Deadhorse seen alot. Have a great day, thanks for the great videos and reads!!

  • Joe Mitchell

    Please write a book on your experiences, gear that works and gear that doesn’t . Include Audrey and Smokey Joe. Everyone I speak to who loves the outdoors, misses your TV episodes! My number bucket list… Get to Alaska and experience the hunting and fishing! My youngest is in high school, and she has no interest in going. 3 more years… Then this former Marine serving, Dolphin fan, & life long working man is heading North to Alaska!

  • Larry Massie

    Have fun and be careful. See you this winter.

  • Guido Alvarez Jr.

    That’s a beautiful scenery I plan to go to Alaska with my wife possibly next year stopping in Portland Oregon to visit my daughter and Token her beautiful, American Pitt Bull.

  • Mary Karanikas Ivins

    Larry, are you coming down to Miami this year for training camp to look at the talent?

    A while back I am the one that posted a photo on your Facebook page of Bob Griese taking off on a run and of course you were looking stellar with the lean, muscular legs with the fantastic tan. I know Audrey liked it a whole lot.

  • Linda Rompot

    What memories and videos we have of us driving our motorhome to Alaska from Florida. We had been traveling to the Rockies (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming) for several summers before making the trek to that beautiful state. We loved the fishing,catching Grayling, salmon, halibut, and camping in some beautiful locations. We gathered and dried wild mushroom where ever we could and savored them for a long time.

    This was our second trip to Alaska, the first time we flew to the S.E. coast then up to Anchorage, train to Fairbanks and back to Florida. This trip was great but not the same as having our own RV and going where we wanted.

    Missed seeing you this winter in Oak Hill, we live here just up the road from you. We love Goodrich and did see Karen a couple of times. Hope we can get together next winter. Have a safe trip and write more great stories of your adventures in Alaska.
    P.S. I am the lady you signed all the photos for, thank you again.

  • Tony Maresca, MD

    Dear Mr. Csonka,

    It was an honor to meet you today at your restaurant. I was just as awed today as I was some 44 years ago when I saw you come off the practice field at Biscayne College. You were larger than life to me then and still are today. I pray you remain in good health and hope to someday run into you at your restaurant again.

    Tony Maresca, MD

  • Charles LeBlanc

    Larry , I am a life long dolphins fan from Memphis tn. Have one of your jerseys. Would love to get you to sign it. Presently live in,Daytona Beach Florida. If your up for that email me and I could meet you at the restaurant. Charles LeBlanc a fan .since 1971.

  • Jim dean

    Hi Larry, my name is Jim, I’m from Wisconsin but heading to Alaska in a month for work.. I’m a little nervous! Is Alaska weather like Wisconsin’s?? #finsup

  • Peter Liechti

    Larry, did you ever take the Stewart–Cassiar Highway on your way up there and if so, what was your experience. Id love to hear.

  • Chris Gossard

    Larry, Safety travels back Alaska. Love to you and Audrey. Aunt Edna sends her love as well. GOD bless, your cousin, Christine.

  • Marco Kaloa II

    Hey Zonk 🙂 Just wanted to say hello and tell you once again that I am The #1 Miami Dolphins Fan in Alaska

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