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“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”― Will Rogers

July 3, 2003 – October 18, 2016

We lost our best girl recently.  Lace went to sleep in our arms and has moved on to a better world filled with all the ducks, ptarmigan, fish, squirrels, cats and tennis balls she cares to chase….and all the special treats she cares to eat.


We believe she’s in a better place where other dogs, friends and family are looking after her…. but this continues to be a painful adjustment for Audrey and I.  For 13 1/2 years, Lace was a major part of our everyday lives.  She was an extra special, faithful companion.  We’re forever grateful she chose us that summer day in Alaska.  We were shooting an episode of North to Alaska.  Our schedules were hectic and the last thing we were looking for was a puppy.  But she knew we needed her.


Lace was, of course, always up for an adventure!  She traveled throughout Alaska and much of the Lower 48.  By truck, camper, boat, plane, kayak or raft – she was always ready to go!  She had many friends and extended family who loved her and she them.


We will try hard not to forget all she taught us.  We miss her.  It’s tough to lose that kind of love.



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  • Ronnie Washington

    What a beautiful life she led. Rest in peace sweet puppy.

  • Leonard Feinman

    Unconditional love is what you get from a dog. No other animal loves you like your dog does. And, they watch out for you in tight situations. If you step on their paw, they apologize to you for being underfoot.
    As a young man in Vietnam, I was adopted by a dog. Late at night, if there were noise, he would alert us, and if it were nothing to be concerned with, he would rest. We depended on him. He came through for us. And, I will never forget him.
    Losing your dog is not the same as losing your goldfish. You can talk to your dogs, and they seem to be very understanding. But, whether it is understanding or not, they are your companion, and you can love them with all your heart. They will never betray you.
    It is hard, I know. It seems like they leave too soon. They do, but look at all the happiness they leave behind. I have learned to look back fondly at the love they have left. We wish we could replace them with a clone, but we start over again, with a young puppy. And, one day, their bark will bring happiness to your home again.
    Good luck finding a new partner. I have been there.

  • Donnie Harvey

    Sorry to hear about Lace and I know hard it is to let go of what I would call a real best friend. When my German Shepherd Bo died I didn’t know what to do for a while. I still sad about my loss. And I’m going to tell the guy. Oh yeah you, Mercury and Jim you guys are still my heroes

  • Bardel

    Sorry for your loss. I feel like I knew her through you and Audrey. RIP Lace.

  • Brian Waddell

    Larry, I just lost my best bud a couple months ago. In 2008 I fell from a roof and crushed my spine He understood what was wrong with me without even being told. He never left my side. He recently developed a brain tumor, we had to put him to sleep. Our hearts are broken. We understand and send to you both our deepest sympathy ……

    Regards , Brian Waddell of Warren,Ohio

  • Debbie Ronca

    Larry and Audrey, I’m so sorry to hear about Lace! I lost my Spencer over a year ago and although I rescued him 5 years earlier, I never realized how much he rescued me! They become part of your family and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and his unconditional love and devotion!
    My heart aches for you both
    Hope to see you at the next Alumni event!
    Take care and, Audrey, when you get a chance, I would appreciate if you could send me the pics you took in the Suite at this past Alumni event of “The Perfect Backfield”!

  • Ted Fiorito

    Glad you had Lace in your life to enjoy the Alaskan wilderness with. I am sorry to hear she passed on but fortunately she has moved upward across the Rainbow Bridge. ZONK, Hope you have peace!

  • Jim Pierson

    You were blessed to have her as your friend. And so was she.

  • Terrence Shanigan

    Larry and Audrie,

    Sorry about Lace. I remember us filming that episode at Greatland Kennels. Great memories! I lost Mookie last year and it was tough. Stay in touch!

  • Nelma

    So very sorry for the passing of your Lace. A piece of us comes up missing when one of our beloved pets die… the proof of the difference they made in our lives. Blessings to you and you’re wife and family.

  • Jo DiPierro Simms

    They have a special love for us, it is unconditional. They teach us so much.

  • Frieda

    So sorry for your loss. Jason (Terrence) was the same when Mookie passed last year. It was a blow. I remember when you first got her as a puppy. This is Terrence’s mom who cooked at the cabin. RIP Lace.

  • Tim White

    Mr. Csonka you were my childhood hero. I just wanted to wish you well and let you know that you’re still my hero. I used to wear your your number that my mom sewed on my shirt when I was in grade school. I hope you get this message that you made a difference to me growing up. Thanks for the Memories.

  • Susan Lupien

    I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of your best girl, Lace. She was blessed to have you with her all the way thru the end. I’m currently working hard to help my big boy Diesel recover from a serious illness, he’s145 lb Rottie, brother to 3 sisters that I also am happy to call family and his birth mother, Honey. Yes, that’s 5 Rotties in one house. I have experience the loss of having to help a pet thru to the other side but know their health and vitality is restored in spirit and they have no more pain.
    God Bless.

  • Bob Vick

    i was looking at some info about the Chicago College Football All Star Game, and one question came to mind about anyone who played as a pro AND as a college student. I haven’t been able to find out yet if anyone did, so my question is did you play in the 1973 game?

    By the way, as Bob Hope would say, Thanks for the memories!!

  • Vince and Shirley Chappell

    So sorry to hear about Lace! I still remember her bringing me her ball when you were trying to train her! We were at Hanshew School in Anchorage. We were the ones that had the old camper with the license plate that translated to North to Alaska. We finally just moved to Alaska.
    Lace was a real beauty and I remember her loving personality. I know you and your family will miss her. God bless!

  • Rick Moore

    Dear Larry where do I start I’m 57 years old and at the age of 11 years old I became a Miami Dolphins fan I’ve never been a fan of any other NFL team I’m a diehard dolphin fan from the middle of The country in Iowa. You’re like one of my very first heroes and he still hold a place in my heart to this day the reason I am writing you. Is that I have acquired a copy of the sports illustrated August 7, 1972 with you and kick on the front cover and I would love to have you guys autograph this if there is any possible way I would really appreciate you getting back with me thank you so much for taking the time to read this. As they say I may be from Iowa but on game day my heart and soul is in Miami

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