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Larry Csonka’s Wildcard Weekend Predictions

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota VikingsMY THOUGHTS ON THIS WEEKENDS GAMES…..

My favorite time of year for football…the playoff season.  The onfield antics and drama are (mostly) over.  This is when football gets serious and each teams dedication to detail and discipline are realized (or not). Now’s the time for perfect football!

The Chiefs are on a roll and I think they will, ultimately, prevail over the Texans on Saturday.

The Seahawks experience, I think, will benefit them greatly.  I believe their defense can stop the Vikings running game.  However, with the frigid temp and a wind chill of -15, the weather could make this anybody’s game.  Personally, I looked forward to playing these games.

Extreme weather meant I’d carry the ball (more than usual) and that’s when my O-line took control.   So we’ll see how the Seahawks react to these conditions in Minnesota.

With the Packers….Rogers is the man.  He’ll make it happen.

I believe in the Bengals.  Particularly, their back up quarterback, AJ McCarron (as you know from my previous blog).  But the Steelers are the big question.  This team can pull it out of the fire in the playoffs more than any team I’ve seen.  Their name should be spelled with an “a” as they just have a way of  “stealing” the game!

Am I right?

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  • dave boutilier

    i think your right on Zonk, i miss the days when you ran the ball you made it happen of course it was a team effort but when 39 got the ball good things happened.

  • Gary

    I agree for the most part. Pittsburgh always seems to arise to the occasion when it comes to the playoffs. They are seasoned and they are relentless. Their game with the Bengals should be a great slugfest. The Chiefs could be the dark horse in the AFC. They’re playing good team ball and should continue to do so. Seattle and Minnesota may be the closest game this weekend and probably the lowest scoring. I predict turnovers will decide the winner of this game. I’m taking Minnesota by 3 since they’re at home. Green Bay is the team that puzzles me most. Their offensive struggles and the inability to gain any consistency is concerning. On a personal note they’re the team I’m rooting for in the NFC. I think their experience will help them prevail and I hope they get their offense on track.

  • Gene Csonka

    Agree with you but think the Steelers will they will steal it.

  • Larry Massie

    I think you’re right but one thing I’m concerned about is, you said when its frigid cold, it’s a good time to run the ball and there’s a possibility that the Seahawks will be without their best RB Marshon Lnych. Could that be enough of a setback to cause them to lose.

  • Randy Semanko

    Just stumbled onto this Blog, I love it.
    I’ve been a Dolphins fan since 1968, and the Zonk is one of my all-time favorite players and people!

    I predict every visiting team will win this weekend…… I guess we’ll see!

  • john wood

    I believe and hope that you have the Minnesota game wrong but we shall see as far as the other 3 I believe that your right. By the way I drive a truck and I’m leaving seattle Sunday for anchorage

  • Tim Wilson

    I agree with you Larry. .Greenbay is a ?

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