Larry to Appear on “Havoline Football Saturdays”

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Larry to Appear on “Havoline Football Saturdays”

Tune in August 15th, at 7pm to Raycom Sports’ multi-Emmy Award-winning summer television series “Havoline Football Saturdays to catch a 2 part feature on Larry, and his life after the game.

The series touches on growing up on a farm in Ohio and learning the importance of hard work and self-sufficiency. Learn more about Larry’s life in Alaska and his connection to the natural beauty of it’s land.

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Contact Larry

  • Bobby Wickham

    Larry, I grew up in Miami and watched you play as a kid. I’ve been a Dolphins fan my entire life, but you were the main draw for me, which led me to playing football all through my school days as a running back/fullback. I’ve always tried to keep track of you and knew you loved and lived par time in Alaska. I really loved your Alaska shows, and it was really cool to see you featured today on Havoline’s Football Saturdays. As with everything else in life, they don’t build them like they used to, and you are a testament to that. Not that there aren’t unbelievably talented running backs and players in all positions in today’s NCAA football and the NFL, but you always exemplified “team first” and always recognized that your accomplishments weren’t a singular effort…always giving credit to your team and especially your O line! I’ve tried my hardest to live life using that same mindset, and it really paid dividends in my military career in Army Special Operations. So, a thank you for being an honest to goodness “role model”, I know it’s not something you may have considered yourself, but you damn sure were! Anyway, didn’t plan on penning a novel here, just wanted to drop in and say “hello” from a life long fan. I’m very happy for you, that you are able to live out your dreams in Alaska, with someone you love, and have that sense of peace that everyone dreams about!

    My warmest regards!

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