Larry To Speak at Tulare Union HS NFL Night

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Larry To Speak at Tulare Union HS NFL Night

Tulare Union currently has 4 former student athletes playing in the NFL. Only a few other schools in the country can make that claim. Next month, former players, faculty and fans will honor the players and program with their NFL Night Event. All four NFL players will be in attendance, and Larry was lucky enough to be asked to be the keynote speaker.

  • Cleveland Browns Linebacker Zac Diles (2003 graduate)
  • Denver Broncos Tight End Virgil Green (2006)
  • New Orleans Saints Offensive Lineman Bryce Harris (2007)
  • Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Marquess Wilson (2010)

Closer to the event date tickets will be available here.

On my visit, I’m hoping to find out what makes Tulare HS so special.  Maybe the success of so many pro athletes is due to their tremendous athletics program, excellent coaching, supportive staff and faculty….or maybe it’s just something in the water!  Nevertheless, this is a unique situation and I’m looking forward to helping them celebrate this accomplishment next month.



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  • Dave Weaver

    There’s a growing “buzz” surrounding Tulare Union High School’s NFL Night, in the Central Valley. We’re excited about welcoming back our hometown NFL stars and can’t wait to have Larry, one of the NFL’s all-time greats, play such a significant role in this special event. This will truly be a “once in a lifetime” experience.

    • ZONK

      We’re excited as well. A great tribute to the players and the program. See you there, Dave!

  • George Weaver

    Larry never fails to entertain and it should be a great night. Looking forward to it and hats off to all the Central Valley High School sport programs, players and coaches.

    • ZONK

      Thanks George, See you there!

      • Alan Pettebone

        Before the undefeated season, I was only aware of football. Watching that season unfold made me a Dolphin fan forever. More importantly, I became a football fan. I’m so grateful to all of those Dolphins for that! I hope to go to Tulare for this.

        Alan Pettebone
        Fresno, California

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