adam-gase-dolphinsLike all Dolphin fans, I’m excited to see what’s transpired in Miami this offseason.  New coach, new players, new enthusiasm!

Coach Gase has introduced and installed a new offensive structure in Miami that has proven successful with other teams.  I’ve had my doubts about Ryan Tannehill as Miami’s quarterback but, I have to admit, I’ve seen a glimmer of hope during preseason.  Is Coach Gase working his “magic” on Tannehill as he did with Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler?  Let’s hope so!

However, the real test comes this Sunday.  If the Dolphins are still in the fight with a good chance to win 3 minutes in to the 4th QTR, I’ll be encouraged that the Gase plan is working.

I’ll be paying particular attention to the Dolphins offense – new system with new personnel.  I’ll also watch the match up of All-Pro wide receiver, Jarvis Landry, against well-seasoned defensive cornerback, Richard Sherman -the best of Miami against the best of Seattle.

Overall, I’m enjoying some renewed enthusiasm for my team and happy to, at least, see some solid effort by the Dolphins front office to make a positive change towards a winning franchise.


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  • Jim Pino

    I’ll be happy if we come within 7 points, win or lose.

  • Rick Rogers

    I miss ya running the ball back when football was football, grew down in Marathon loved the Orange, first game I saw live was against Pittsburg in the Orange Bowl. still dream of those days gone by.

  • Marty Weatherell

    I have been a Dolphin fan my whole life. The worst thing that the team ever did was chase Don Shula out of his job. I have a lot of respect for him and what he was able to accomplish. I am also a life long Alaskan, it’s good to have you here. I hope our team gets back on track. It will make my Sunday’s way more enjoyable. I hope Adam is able to bring a new attitude with him in Miami and the players will be successful.

  • Philip Fogleman

    I been a fan of the dolphins since 1972 when I was 10 years old, I would cut every article out of paper on the dolphins and save them. I used whatever money I could get to buy football cards, and the spectacular season where you went 17-0, I had every players football card, seems like tons of newspaper clippings, and a miniature helmet I kept all in a box. You guys were the best, I lived and breathed the Miami dolphins. It was a great time, I had all those articles then we moved one year and my mother threw it all away thinking was junk. I collect jerseys and balls now in my wall cabinet praying for the day the dolphins of old show up in the new. I still have faith!!!

  • TD Sackett


    I have been the only Dolphins Fan wherever I have been for most of my life. I have been an unyeilding fan since i was in 5th grade in 1975. I have enjoyed incredible history and have had my heart ripped out of my chest year after year pretty consistently over the last 30 straight seasons. I also am excited, finally, about a new coach, and am reminded of how young Coach Shula was when he stabilized things for the Dolphins decades ago. The only thing the Dolphins need now is a big, no nonsense, bruising power fullback…

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