Super Bowl predictions are tough.  This should always be a game of close competition and matched skills.  But, many times, we see extremely lopsided scores or we often see the underdog dominate the field and, in the end, take the ring.  The Super Bowl adds many other elements to a teams plan and further complicates their usual strategy for success.

While I believe the Atlanta Falcons have a stronger team overall, the history of the Super Bowl suggest that might not be enough to secure the victory.  More than half of Atlanta’s defensive unit is young.  And I know from experience, this game and affiliated events can be an overwhelming distraction to a young player, especially, on your first visit.

We lost our first Super Bowl appearance in SB VI to the Dallas Cowboys.  The Dolphins had been the doormat of the league for about 4 years.  Then, with Coach Shula in charge, we were suddenly conference champions and on our way to our first Super Bowl!    We were overwhelmed with excitement and pride over our accomplishment and celebrated all the way to New Orleans.  So much so,  “The Big Easy” and national media swallowed us up.  We were too busy justifying ourselves as conference champions and Super Bowl contenders instead of concentrating on real strategy.  The result – Dallas 24, Miami 3.

Past Super Bowls suggest whichever team can keep their heads on the game and not get mentally sidetracked by a week full of big events, national media and many other thrills surrounding the biggest game of the year, will win.

I believe great offenses can get you to the playoffs but great defenses win championships.  Atlanta looks stronger and should prevail but Brady’s multiple experiences at the Super Bowl along with his gifted skills as a veteran QB may end up giving him and the Patriots the edge on Sunday.

With all that said, I really don’t know who to pick.  But these are my thoughts on the best teams representing the AFC and NFC in Super Bowl LI.

Either way, I’m looking forward to a great game!


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    You’re a Hall-of-Famer all the way, Larry, and I really enjoy your hunting videos, especially the ones pertinent to bear hunting, in Alaska. Very scenic and interesting.

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