North…In Alaska

North…In Alaska

A few weeks ago, Audrey and I were asked to come to Alaska and help promote, Touchdown On The Tundra, an independent film we’re involved with.  So, after shooting a few cameo scenes for HBO’s Ballers in LA, we flew North.  After meetings in Anchorage, we learned we’d be flying to Barrow, on the north coast, to make another presentation at the end of the month….so we decided to extend our stay for a winter vacation at our home just outside Wasilla.

As it turns out, we might’ve chosen the coldest, snowiest days of 2017 to visit our home.  Temp yesterday morning read -42 on our back porch!  Cold but beautiful.  We’ve had both fireplaces blazing and spent some quite time together reminiscing about our 17 years producing, North to Alaska, and, mostly, remembering our great dog, Lace, who was born here 14 years ago.  We miss her.

While producing, North to Alaska, we shot several winter episodes up here.  However, we haven’t spent much time in our newer Wasilla home this time of year.   Alaska, of course, offers incredible scenery and world famous fishing in the summer months but we’ve really missed the silent beauty and solitude deep winter can offer.

We’d like to continue visiting our Alaska home in January for some one-on-one time in the frozen north.   Deep snow, northern lights, fires, brandy and long nights for 10 or 12 days is a special vacation right here at home.  I even started cooking breakfast every morning – limited menu!

Stay tuned for more news from the North!


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  • John Tasse

    Thanks Larry. My wife and I are hoping to travel via our RV in the summer of 2019. I hope to continue seeing your posts. We are new to the RV lifestyle and hope to hit all the states. I don’t think we will be there when it is -40 though. Keep warm.

  • Jeff Caldwell

    # 39 My name is Jeff Caldwell. I split time between Indiana & Florida. I became a Dolphan @ the age of ten. Proudly 44 year’s now! I just wanted to let you know, how big a fan Iam of you & enjoy reading the articles on you’re web site. I hope life is treating you well. Sincerely
    Jeff Caldwell

  • Gary Warner

    Sounds like some good reflective R&R Zonk. That’s some brutal cold though. How in the world were you able to shovel snow in those temps without cover for your face? Stay safe and enjoy the winter break and eggs and venison go well together for breakfast along with a good biscuit.

  • Lloyd Linton

    Thanks to your show we were inspired to spend 3 months in Alaska May thru July of ’16 after I retired. Fished the Russian, Kenai, Kasilof rivers as well as numerous combo salmon/halibut trips in Homer and Seward. Even caught and released lots of Sockeye off the shore @ Allison Pt. in Seward on 4th of July. Fly fished lots of rivers, streams for trout,dolly varden and even hooked 44 (landed 22) Grayling near Denali one day.
    Miss your show, thanks for the memories, both football and outdoors!

  • Mark Paxton

    You are such a big part of my youth. Your mom used to deliver my grandparents mail over on N Marcella. And I understand you had a blocking back for the Bulldogs named Mike Sabatini. He speaks highly of you. Even though he takes credit for you making it. Thank you for all the great memories!

  • Sam Ferris

    Dear Larry: I was totally unware that you have been living in Alaska for sometime. As a fan of the Miami Dolphins, in the 1970 era, I was wondering where you went after the NFL! So everyday we do learn something new in the game of life! May the Lord watch over you forever!

  • Marco Kaloa II

    Hello Mr. Csonka my name is Marco Kaloa II. I’m the #1 Miami Dolphins fan in Alaska. I’ve been a fan since 1986 when my dad brought me out for ice cream at baskin Robbins and when I got my Ice Cream it came in a little football helmet bowl and it was a Miami Dolphins helmet, I’ve been a fan of the team since that day. I also use to watch you on American Gladiators. I myself am somewhat of an athlete, I’m a local professional wrestler, I’ve wrestled at events all over Alaska, and I’m undefeated at Thursday Night Fights, I’m also friends with former worlds strongest man Bill Kazmaier. Anyways I just wanted to say hello and maybe ask you for your autograph because like I said I am the #1 Miami Dolphins fan in Alaska. But yeah take care and maybe one day we will meet in the future.

  • Reginald Scifers

    Larry,I saw you many years ago on T.V., fishing a river in Alaska for pike. Those pike were huge!! How can I get information on that pike fishing trip? Good Job, Larry, Thank-you. Regards, Reg

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