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Last weeks game against the Cardinals gave us rain, fumbles, interceptions and flags galore – what a messy situation.  But, I think, the single most important factor was, somehow, someway, we managed to WIN!  The
injury to Tannehill is, of course, very concerning.  But now we learn, hopefully, the injury wasn’t as serious as it appeared on game day.


In ’72, we lost our QB, Bob Griese to a badly broken leg.  We had to face the Jets, Bills and Patriots with an old backup QB, Earl Morrall or  “Earl the Pearl.”  We bought him a rocking chair for the locker room.  Of course, we were uneasy with the loss of Griese but it didn’t take long for Earl to gain our full confidence in his ability to lead us.  He came through like a lion – leading us most of the way through an undefeated season!  

Sometimes, when the game looks the bleakest and most disturbing, it can turn out “perfect” in the end.  Let’s hope our old reserve QB, Matt Moore, still has some fire in him as he displayed last week in the final seconds of the game.  If so, maybe he can lead us in to our first playoffs in too many years.  We’ll see.

This weekend we face the Jets.  Another tough game, especially, with a “new” QB on the field.  This, of course, is a critical match-up.  We must win every game, at this point, to stay in the hunt for the playoffs.

When I think about playing the Jets in my day, I remember players like John Elliott and Gerry Philbin.  They were solid, heavy hitters.  They made you pay the price for running the ball and any amount of yardage gained against them.   I could always count on a sore body and a long soak in the ice bath after a game against these two!  

Thankfully, this time, I’ll be watching with a cold beverage in a comfortable chair with no rehab in my future.

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  • Roberto Yanes

    Mr Csonka the game is be played this Saturday at 8;30 pm don’t want you to miss it as love reading these post.

  • Linda Rompot

    We will be watching and cheering for our FINS. No better thing to do on a Saturday night than a Dolphin game. Thanks again for all those fantastic plays, you rock. Met 2 of your friends Angie and Bill at our Christmas dinner, talked Alaska with them and look forward to seeing them again. Hope you and Audrey can join us for some of our community activities.

  • Bill

    Well said Larry!

  • Keith Lamb

    I think Moore will be okay . But i think they need to get Ajai on track . If they do ? Life is a lot better and they will make the playoffs

  • Christina Coppola

    Dear Mr Csonka,my most prized possession is your autograph. My uncle got it for me when you played for the Giants. After the game you and the late Doug Kotar went on the renovated school bus for a bite to eat. I know that I smiled from ear to ear when he gave it to me.

  • Dirk Himley

    Thx for still being here!
    In support of football
    The NFL
    Miami D
    And for positive re-enforcement.
    I feel supported as a fan (me) , by the most
    Memorable player (you) , albeit amongst the other memorables as well. *you were so tough! that it’s surprising yet more! Meaningful that you make ME and others (I’m counting on) feel like our lives were worth it!
    I spent hours watching the Dolphins win, and then lose. [i cried at those times, I was only 10] . To think that I wasted my time is now erased from my memory as I see your feelings to your life and support of this team means somewhat the same as it meant or means to me.
    Thx for being a part of my life which even includes the happiness and good will AND SUCCESS that I’ve had in it. [the emotions you! And the other players I could count on to perform!!! [almost EVERY TIME] gave light to optimism for a good life.
    TY Larry Csonka!
    The best to the rest as well , tell them if you can .

  • Dirk Himley

    Mercury Morris!
    I think he’s in the pic below . 😉
    Hope that s him. 😉

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