Our 12-year old lab, LACE.

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Our 12-year old lab, LACE.


Our 12-year-old lab, LACE, was involved in an accident last weekend. This is why I’ve missed a blog or two recently.

During a gathering in our backyard, a friend accidently ran over her hind leg while she was squatting by the front tire. At the time, and from what I saw, the incident appeared much worse and we feared there would be no chance of recovery. For those of you who are “dog people” or have beloved pets of your own, you know and understand the emotional stress we were going through at this time.

Of course, emergencies almost always happen on a weekend and after-hours. Why is this? After several phone calls, we finally located an emergency vet clinic (30 minutes away), got her stabilized, medicated, leg splinted and wrapped. X-rays revealed she had a complex fracture (fortunately, no internal injuries…hips and back were fine). But a specialist was in order to try and save her leg. That specialist, Dr. Darien Lawrence in Melbourne, graciously, sent us to another specialist, Dr. Dan Lewis in Gainesville at the University of Florida.

Dr. Lewis, UF’s small animal orthopedic surgeon, and his team performed surgery earlier this week. Since there were so many bone fragments involved, an external fixator with 9 pins, wires and external metal braces were used to stabilize the leg. Bone grafts were also taken from each shoulder and implanted in the leg to help speed the healing process. Dr. Lewis was very pleased with this challenging 4 hour surgery.

First day post-op was rough on her but she’s improved every day since. Her handler at UF’s small animal hospital, Hannah, gave her “excellent” marks this morning when she was able to walk (with little assistance) to outside grass. She’s already using the injured leg and adjusting to the change.

Everyone in our backyard that night, has known and loved LACE since she was a pup. We thank you all for your help and support at the scene and since. Many thanks to Dr. Donna Ragona, Cocoa Beach, FL, Dr. Darien Lawrence, Melbourne, FL, and, especially, Dr. Dan Lewis and his highly skilled team at the University of Florida!

She’s a tough ole girl. Audrey and I are humbled every day by her happy disposition, fortitude and unconditional love. And, if we do our part right, it appears she’ll recover fully and be with us a bit longer.


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  • Jim Dusch

    Good luck pup. Always been a favorite zonk since a kid growing up in Miami in the 60’s and 70’s. To see your love and care for Lace you are to b even more respected. Well done and thanks for the memories. Your friend now in Atlanta. JD

  • AngAK

    hugs to you all, Larry

    See you soon. Angie and Popeye

  • Jon Bechtel

    Great news Larry. We all do love our dogs just like family

  • Tim Chestnut

    Glad to see She is on the mend…..Dogs are unlike any other Animal …I use the term BLESSED relating to mine ….give her your love mingled with a few tasty treats and your ole girl should be as good as new soon

  • Greg Lumpkin

    So sorry Larry. Glad she’s doing better. I hope she recovers quickly. I love my dogs like family, so I know how you feel. Take care.


    So happy she is doing so well. Unfortunately we had a similar situation last year but had to put our beloved Riley down. She was 14..a mountain cur. She had been to Alaska with us over 3 times riding in the back seat taking in the sights. We go there most summers to fish and visit friends and relatives. My husband retired from up there and has foot prints there that no one else has ever made. Would love to meet you, Audrey and Lace. Best wishes and give her a kiss and doggie cookie from us.

  • John Cotton

    Speedy and complete recovery for Lace. Vets and Techs like these are Angels.

  • Jeff McAlear

    I’m an original Dolphin fan. I was a fan before Shula. I grew up in South Florida (Miami and Naples). I work at the Kennedy Space Center. Bruce Burch is one of my employees. I frequent Goodriches, Hope to see you there some day

  • Jim Simmons

    Can you re-do the Butch & Sundance Poster for Fans who missed it the first time????
    Thanks Much…
    Jim Simmons

  • Sue Desmond

    So sorry LACE was injured but it seems she is doing ok now. Sounds like she’s tough and determined like you. I admired you as a player and even more because of your love for animals. I hope you have many quality years together.

  • pete blanks

    Prayers for Lace and your family. I lost my 13 year old mastiff named Buddy a year ago and I still miss him like a child who passed. A dogs love is a wonderful blessing to have especially when the human realizes and loves them as family (which they are)

  • George Lachmanek

    That’s awesome Zonk,i also had a black lab,he was smarter or as smart as most people,after 5 years his hips went and he couldn’t walk or move around,i had to have him put to sleep as he hung on me as knowing what was going down…The hardest thing I have ever had to do,i still remember it like it was yesterday..God bless your dog,you and Audrey..
    You were my hero and favorite player ever,sometime when im passing through the area can I stop and say hello,get a picture or just listen to some of your stories ????
    My wife died in 2000 and raised two boys on my own,the oldest just finished his 2nd stint in Afg,and the youngest works construction and is an avaid fisherman,any chance we get to know each other and maybe do a little fishing and my son can learn a trick or two from you..
    I met you a few times in the 70’s through Coach Shula,i went to school with his niece,so I kind of feel that I knew you guys way back when Miami football was the best..

    My name is George Lachmanek

  • David Brooks

    Hello. Very glad to hear that everything is going to be ok. Yes we know it’s hard. A lot of people have been wondering if you and your family are ok. And the sportsman that I know were starting to really wonder. Myself and many, many others thank you for sharing. Stay in touch. Give the dog hugs from all of us. God bless you!

  • ziggy

    She’s tough , just like dad ))

  • Jo Ann Patalusz

    Hoping that Lacy’s recovery with go GREAT…. Can do hear that she is up and using her leg, That’s the first step to Happiness! Blessing and Love to the family and Kisses to Lacy!

  • Karen Grampa

    So sorry for what happened to your dog lace.Keeping her and your family in my prayers.I have 2 dogs and can’t imagine what I would do without them.Pets are family members just as much as people are.👏

  • Ellie Theurer

    Larry and Audrey- Jason and I are so sad to hear the news about Lacey! She is such a great Dog! We love playing with her when we visit “your neighbors”. So gld to hear she is making a quick recovery! Hope to see you both next time we are down to visit!! Ellie Theurer

  • Mark Legott

    YAY for You Guys! 🙂

  • Linda Rompot

    So sorry to hear about you beloved pup but it sounds like she is getting excellent care. I have heard good reports about the U of F small animal clinic. Hope to see you at Goodrich one day. I am the fan who you graciously signed all those photos for last fall.
    Linda & Tom Rompot

  • Jim Roberts

    So happy to hear your Pup is gonna be ok. I have a choc lab named Macy. She is 14 years old bless her heart. She is such a big part of our family. She still goes running ( walking mostly ) with me every day weather permitting. I am dreading the day when she is gone. Big Dolphin fan and of yours. Have a blessed day .

  • rsl

    So glad she is doing better. I have a yellow lab myself and they are truly noble dogs. Miss north to Alaska so much what a great show it was thanks for bringing it to my living room. I worked in Illiamna at a fishing resort when I was younger hope to get back up there in the near future. Best wishes to both you Larry and Audrey.

  • Scott Staigerwald

    Glad to see shes oK,get well soon lace.also thanks again for the signed football zonk you was my favorite player ,back then growing up playing field football with my #39 Jersey I always pretended I was you thanks for the memories

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