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For those who watched, the Dolphins game against the Ravens was a painful experience last night.   Many of you shared your frustrations and concerns with me on Twitter during the game and asked my opinion.

I believe the identity of our offense, particularly a young, developing offense, starts with the offensive line.  Ultimately, (in my opinion) they should be calm, deliberate, prideful and a little mean!   I’m not seeing these characteristics, on a regular basis, in our offensive line.  

In short, I think we should start with a qualified offensive line coach and build from there.  Ideally, the offensive line coach would be someone who played or coached, recently, with a successful NFL team.  We don’t have the O-line coach or the O-line performance needed for a winning team.  Maybe the talent is there already, I don’t know.  If it is, they’re not performing as they should. How do you find a Monte Clark or John Sandusky when you’re desperate for one?!

On a happier note, Audrey and I recently attended the 1972 reunion to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the undefeated season.  I can’t thank Nat Moore, Stephen Ross and others in the organization enough for hosting the yearly alumni event and the ’72 reunion.  Very few (if any) teams in the NFL treat their alumni as well as the Dolphins.  This means a lot.


Me, Mercury Morris, Jim Kiick

1972 Team Portrait

Not many things can lure us away from Alaska’s fishing, hunting and cool temps this time of year …. except family.  Since my teammates are absolutely an extension of my family, we made the trip!  But it’s taken a week to recoup from all the fun, food and drink.  I don’t bounce back like I used to!  But we’re already looking forward to the next time we’re together again.


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  • Joanne Goff

    How great to see these pictures! I so remember most all of you. That was a great time for Miami, so exciting and it brought us all together! I was there when the plane arrived back from the Super Bowl and hollered for each one of you! I also wish better things for today’s Dolphins, hopefully they will get together and work for a successful season from here on out. I love your blog and all the news about Alaska. I live not far from Oak Hill, in fact we took our 2 visiting daughters to Goodrich last week, always good, hope the porch is ready soon!! Safe traveling!

  • Mike Glynn

    Always classy. Thank you, it is refreshing.

  • kevin Miller

    It would be a dream cone true to spend a day or two hunting or fishing with you and hear you tell about the early 70s team.
    Do you offer guide trips?

  • Thomas Henry

    It was my pleasure to watch you play at Syracuse. It was even a greater pleasure to shake your hand once at Yokota AFB as you were on your way to visit the troops with the USB. And it was even a greater pleasure to sit and have a conversation with you in the protocol lounge at Travis AFB when you went on another USA tour to visit our troops.

    I became a Miami fan when you played there….. I guess in reality, I’m just a fan of the man! God bless.

  • Keith Tankersley

    Zonk, I went to my first dolphins game when I was thirteen in 1972. You guys made a Dolfan for life! I’ll support my team no matter what their record is. Thanks for the memories.


  • Carl and Nina Nash

    Great to see you and Mercury ,we loved your stories up on the Togiak. Especially the one about you and Morris walking around a track in civies somewhere and on the straight Mercury took off in street shoes and ran a sub 5 sec. 40 !! And they expected you to get out in front of and block for this guy on end arounds . What you and your buddies did for Mr. Morris is a wonderful thing and a human interest story for the books.

  • Mark

    I agree Larry. Its the offensive line. Glad u guys had a great reunion

  • Michael Roche

    U said it Zonk. So goes the big boyz up front, so Usually goes the team. Unless you have a really special QB.
    Even then, law of averages r against you. I believe in our young coach & we do have some exceptionally skilled players on offence. Our D can be dominating, at times, but without an O Line…👎. Glad u still support the Phins & appear when possible

  • Stephen Langel

    Larry, you were always my dad’s favorite player.

  • Jon Bechtel

    Could not agree more with your analysis Larry. Too much money not enough pride in some modern athletes. They need personal pride of achievement for what they do.

  • Adam

    I agree, three crushing loses are really diminishing fan’s hopes this season. We would have to do crazy things to make it to the playoffs. It hurts not having our quarterback but that can’t be used to blame everything else. Our Offensive line looks bad, our defense rarely ever turns the ball over or gets many stops, our offense in general isn’t very explosive. We just aren’t excelling in enough areas to even be considered playoff potential. Hopefully they can figure something out before it’s too late in the season. I don’t think it’s too late to turn things around.

  • Jeff Yohe

    Larry, I have been a dolphins fan since 1970 when coach Shula came to south Florida. You guys were so much fun to watch, I think if you had been playing when Marino came along he would’ve gotten his ring. You were the epitome of a hard nosed runner. I grew up in Bradford Pa. where they make Case knives. They should have a special edition knife to honor you both as a player and a sportsman. Hope you stay healthy Larry,thanks again for the memories.

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