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Of course, displays by some players in the NFL during our national anthem has, unfortunately, become the focus of our football Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.  Honestly, I’m angered that I’m responding to these actions and giving it even more attention.  But many of you have asked my opinion and I’d like to respond to your comments and requests.

I would hope the Dolphins would come together and decide as a team on how to address their behavior for the pre game festivities.  If they can’t decide to participate as a team then Coach Gase could step in and not bring them back on the field (after pre game warm ups) until it was time to play thus eliminating their presence altogether from pre game celebrations.

Split behavior tears at the very fabric of “teamwork.”  This is what a “team” should be all about!  Pro sports are a national pastime for all Americans where we set aside our political beliefs and come together to compete as Americans.  Let’s keep personal politics out of sports.


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  • Victor Morales

    Agree wholeheartedly Larry. Players do what you’re paid for, don’t be politicians before or during the game.

  • Lyonel Leonard

    Thank Mr. Csonka. The fact that you stated the problem and came with a solution that is sound. By giving the team the opportunity to be one. 2. The coach steps up and makes the decision remove the opportunity to be public by returning to field after anthem is played. As an 82nd Airborne solder, I will stand tall each and every time, right hand on heart, left behind back with bent fingers for at rest position
    I salute you for voicing your opinion with a solution that should be implimented. Here’s to you

  • Frank Hall

    Thank for your words. I have been a dolphin fan since you, Bob Griese and Jim Kiick played as a team. I still have a number 39 Jersey hanging in my closet. I would hate to change teams because of a few of the current team.

  • Jim Pino

    Good idea Larry. Though I don’t believe our current owner would approve of this.

  • Steven Linkhart

    My view is if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears or see it did it fall. Treat it like a fan on the field. No coverage. Now if a player on his time wants to call a press conference at his home. Then go for it. I also like your idea as well

  • Derrick

    I agree, thanks Larry

  • Sonia Castillo

    Larry, I’m one of a faithful fan from the 70′ you were the best.
    I agree of your statement about leaving politics behind and concentrate in playin a good game.
    Best regards to you and family,

  • Joe arnoto

    Hi Larry Joe Arnoto again from Lisbon, Ohio just wanted to know if you were going to be at the Dolphins home opener ? I have a nephew who is 12 years old who is playing football in Nfl style little league football. He is 5′ 10″ and weighs about 200lb. He has been playing football for about 5 years and is good depending on what coach he has. I think he has a lot of potential. Kathy my sister is his mom and just wanted to know if you were coming to the home opener so if you have time we can meet up to say hi.

  • Mike White

    Great insight Larry !

  • James Anderson

    You were my favorite player growing up. Now you are my favorite person. Well said.

  • Dave carabelli

    Thank you #39 big Larry csonka

  • Mike Mantz

    Thank you for a real answer. I’m glad someone spoke with their brain! I agree it should be done as a team. Always enjoyed North To Alaska because you showed the real side of outdoor lifestyle.

  • Terry Pena


    Thank you for your response. If these athletes want to express their opinions and beliefs, then do it on their time, not while they are on the job. I am a retired veteran and have fought for their rights to express their opinions, but while I was in the military I could not openly express mine on the job due to regulations. I believe the leadership of the NFL should get a handle on this.

    I am only one person but I will boycott (expressing my rights) the NFL until they stop this nonsense.

    Thanks for the way you played, I have always admired your play and your outdoor shows.

    I live in Alaska and hunt and fish, when I get the time.

  • Mike Cooper

    As a Tomb Guard, A.K.A. 3rd U.S. infantry Soldier. I know what this means! Can’t believe that we would be watching football, or enjoying the freedom that we have now if not for the bravery of the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice! Zonk you are special!


    Bravo,Zonk! As both a veteran and a lifelong Dolphins fan, I find it very disappointing that Dolphins Management allows a personal proteston the field or if they can’t manage theirvemployees, kepp them off the field. It’s like when I go to a concert. I’m there to be entertained not be subject to their political views.

  • Jerry Janke

    Perfect. Pure and simple.

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