The Path To Perfection – 7 Part Documentary on the 1972 Perfect Season

The Path To Perfection – 7 Part Documentary on the 1972 Perfect Season

The ZONK! Channel – ZONK’s NFL Present – “The Path to Perfection” Series

The Miami Dolphins of the early 1970’s made an indelible mark in the world of sports. In just 7 years they climbed from fledgling expansion team to World Champions. But even more impressive than their first Super Bowl victory was the way they did it… as the only NFL team to ever achieve a Perfect Season. Hall of Fame running back Larry Csonka, one of several key Dolphins players in 1972, has an exclusive perspective on what transformed the team from an unknown franchise into an unstoppable battalion. “The Path to Perfection” is the Dolphin’s story of change, inspiration, and achievement told through the eyes of someone who helped make it happen. Greatness isn’t destiny… it’s determination.

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Segment Title / Duration
Goin To Miami 5:21
Fanning The Flames 5:08
New Reins 6:38 
Flash In The Pan 7:44 
Tunnel Vision 8:24
Carrying An Anvil 6:49
Defining Perfect 9:30

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  • Guido Alvarez Jr

    To my belief and understanding Larry Csonka, is one of the tools or persons, that made it happen for the Dolphins, from guy’s not known it only took heart that many players lack off, and the Dolphins, players found in each others,to put it in play and become triumph in their endeavors, until today. , heart in my belief is what makes a player, if one’s have that then one can conquer Anything.
    Guido Alvarez Jr

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