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I hope your new year is off to a good start.  Looking at the weather map (yes, I’m kind of a Weather Channel nerd) it appears a lot of us have started the year with bad weather.  In fact, a few days ago, I noticed a few areas in Florida were colder than our home in Alaska!  

I’m definitely looking forward to the Dolphins 2018 season.  Yes, to all Dolphin fans, you have my sympathy.  Some of you said early on we’d be lucky to have a 500 season and you were right.  We couldn’t even do that.  There were some high moments but also a lot of low, frustrating, discouraging, and infuriating times.  But that’s done.  All we can do is look forward and hope for change.  For now, I turn my attention to the Jaguars in support of my college half back, Tom Coughlin.  Tom returned to Jacksonville this past year as executive VP of football operations.  He and head coach, Doug Marrone, have had a significant impact on that clubs success this season.  I’m wishing them the best and will follow them in the playoffs.

Audrey and I are still building a new home in Florida and are hoping to finally complete this project and begin living our lives in it this year.   It’s been a long and often frustrating ordeal.  Any of you who’ve experienced building a new home probably know what I mean.  Then we had the added bonus of hurricane Irma paying a visit last fall.  This took us a few steps backwards with a fair amount of damage.   However, we remain confident this too shall pass and we’ll soon be enjoying our new property.

Later this month, we’ll make a trip to the Dominican Republic.  We’ve never been there but have heard great things about the beaches, snorkeling, fishing and, of course, the famous cigars.  This is also the first trip we’ve booked through a travel club we joined recently.  More on that later but I will say we’re also working with them to coordinate some fishing trips in Alaska.  We’ll announce more details soon in case any of you might like to join the club and come fishing with us this summer.  It appears we’ll be heading to a lodge in SE Alaska in early June during the king salmon run.  Then, in early August, a possible trip to Seward, AK at the peak of silver salmon action.  Can’t wait!

Wishing you all an adventure-filled, safe and prosperous 2018!


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