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Zonk Flashes Back To The 1968 Draft

I was very happy to have been selected in the first round. However, I really thought I’d be selected by a ball-control team and, at that time, I didn’t know anything about the new franchise in Miami and what they had planned. But I was thrilled to know I’d been selected by a team in a warmer climate. Little did I know, at that time, just how “warm” it would be!

Back then, they didn’t have the luxury of an NFL draft camp to examine and evaluate players for size, strength and speed. I’m sure they had some knowledge of these stats from reports but I don’t believe it was the focus of their campaign to assemble that team. Instead, I believe, they wanted players with heart and players who could play smart. We weren’t the biggest, fastest or strongest but we had the desire to learn and the will to win. Shula, of course, was the KEY but their unique scouting efforts was a major contributing factor to perfection.


Want to hear more from Larry on the foundation Joe Thomas, and Shula laid to achieve the NFL’s only perfect season?
Click Here to watch the 7 Part Documentary “The Path To Perfection”


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