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Very few men could be considered the heart of the’72 team.  Jake Scott was certainly one of them.  His smile, wit and upbeat style was a major trait of the Dolphins personality in the early 70’s.  We were a diverse group of men with a common goal – we all wanted to win!!

Jake took great pride in the Perfect Season and as a member of the “No-Name Defense” who made a name for themselves as a threatening, cohesive unit – never allowing our opponents to outscore us.  

Oh how I miss Jake and coach Shula’s discussions on “correct procedure!”  They were both extremely driven by success but had some conflicting definitions on how to get there.  They were a motivating force.

I last saw Jake at Super Bowl 50 when the NFL honored all past MVP’s in San Francisco.  We spoke by phone this past spring.  

Many players on that ’72 team made big plays under extreme pressure when we needed it most…..and Jake Scott was certainly no exception.  

He was and always will be our MVP.  

RIP #13


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