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I certainly had a fair dose of injuries during my 13-year pro career – a serious concussion my rookie year that nearly ended my stint in the NFL before it began; broken noses, toes, hands, fingers, an ankle and a knee all endured high levels of abuse.  Not to mention damages sustained in college, high school and as a mischievous Ohio farm kid! Luckily, I’ve been blessed with good genetics and survived those years on the gridiron. But as we age, preventative maintenance is key to staying healthy and active so I do what I can to prevent further injuries.

During the ’72 season, I severely stretched and strained ligaments on my left ankle.  By the end of the game, it hurt so bad I could barely walk on it. That week I missed practice for the first time as I spent the day in the training room trying various therapies to provide some relief.  Our trainer, Bob Lundy, was able to cure the swelling and suggested I visit an acupuncturist to address the nerve damage and lingering pain. I did and it worked! I played the next Sunday. However, it took a training room full of tape to stabilize the ankle and prevent further injury.

I was recently told about a new ankle brace made by Protekt.  It’s been highly recommended by several athletes from all levels of sports so I decided to give it a try.  My workout, these days, consists of a daily 3-mile walk, push-ups, sit-ups and some dips. I’ve been using the Protekt R3 ankle brace and I’m really impressed with the level of stability it gives my left ankle.  It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. Just wish I’d had this brace during my playing days!

I wanted to see how others felt about the brace so we sent one to a few family members with more recent ankle injuries of their own.  Here’s what they had to say…..

Isabella R.  Age 16. Ligament Tears w/Multiple Fractures.  

“I tried the brace when I went to Universal Studios last weekend and it really helped!  I didn’t have to stop as much to rest so that was a big plus! And it was very comfortable which was different from my other brace so I like that too.  The brace helps me with distance walking so I will definitely continue to use it!”

Kristin M. 58 yrs old.  Peroneal Tendon Strain.  

I love my Protekt brace.  I can wear the brace inside my walking shoes and yet it gives me enough support that I can comfortably walk several miles.  Plus it is lightweight and easily fits in my suitcase so I can take it with me wherever I go.  I like it so well I bought one for my 82 year old mother!

Patricia B.  Age 50. Ankle Fracture w/Tears.

“The brace is comfortable and provides good support while walking, exercising, or standing for any period of time. I have constant pain and discomfort from my injury, and wearing the brace provides some instant pain relief as well as helping to prevent further pain and swelling from activity. The compression sleeve provides additional support and pain relief, either on its own or with the brace. I sometimes wear one or both even when I’m not being active, just for the support. I will definitely continue to use the products!”

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