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  • It's not the collision that gets you. It's what happens after you tackle him. His legs are just so strong he keeps moving. He carries you. He's an immovable weight.

     Jeff Siemon
    Jeff Siemon Vikings Linebacker
  • Csonka had the utmost respect of every
    player on the team, offense and defense.

    Jim Langer
    Jim Langer Center, Miami Dolphins
  • The toughest man on the field was Larry Csonka, Don Shula's kind of ballplayer, who pounded and pulverized the Vikings into Rice Stadium's Astro Turf.

    Larry Fox
    Larry Fox New York Daily News
  • When he ran the ball it would take several players to take him down. Many times he would take three or four defenders into the end zone with him.

    Ron Marhofer
    Ron Marhofer Friend and Stow High School Teamate
  • "What makes Larry's accomplishments even more fantastic is that he gets so much of the yardage on his own, I think he is the most valuable player we have had in my 19 years at Syracuse"

    Ben Swartzwalder
    Ben Swartzwalder Hall of Fame football coach at Syracuse University
  • "Larry Csonka exemplified what it took to be a winner!
    I loved coaching him!"

    Don Shula
    Don Shula Head Coach, Miami Dolphins


As kids, Mike and his brother, David, would ride their bicycles to our practice field after school.  They wanted to be with their dad and that’s where he, basically, lived during the season.  They also liked being around the team and were a big part of our football family.  They charted the [...]


I see traits of Archie Manning in Peyton’s style of play.  When Archie played with the New Orleans Saints back in the 70’s, I knew he was an extremely talented and disciplined quarterback, just like our quarterback, Bob Griese.  Unfortunately, Archie didn’t have the personnel around him that [...]


My first prediction….these will be exciting games to watch on Sunday!  I think both will be close scoring games with a few key factors making the difference. Carolina should take the championship….but only IF Cam Newton stays healthy.  The Cardinals defense will come with combination blitz’s on [...]


So far, my predictions have been on the mark.  But the divisional playoff picks gets much tougher.  I expect these 4 teams to play their best football of the season. PITTSBURGH @ DENVER  A lot depends on the health of Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown but I just don’t think Pittsburgh can [...]

Larry Csonka’s Wildcard Weekend Predictions

MY THOUGHTS ON THIS WEEKENDS GAMES….. My favorite time of year for football…the playoff season.  The onfield antics and drama are (mostly) over.  This is when football gets serious and each teams dedication to detail and discipline are realized (or not). Now’s the time for perfect football! The [...]

Why Miami Needs to Hire Tom Coughlin

COUGHLIN STEPS DOWN.  WILL MIAMI RECOGNIZE THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY? I was somewhat saddened by the news of head coach, Tom Coughlin, stepping down from the NY Giants.  Then, for a brief moment, I was excited at the possibility of Tom becoming the Dolphins head coach! But then reality set in.  [...]

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