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  • It's not the collision that gets you. It's what happens after you tackle him. His legs are just so strong he keeps moving. He carries you. He's an immovable weight.

     Jeff Siemon
    Jeff Siemon Vikings Linebacker
  • Csonka had the utmost respect of every
    player on the team, offense and defense.

    Jim Langer
    Jim Langer Center, Miami Dolphins
  • The toughest man on the field was Larry Csonka, Don Shula's kind of ballplayer, who pounded and pulverized the Vikings into Rice Stadium's Astro Turf.

    Larry Fox
    Larry Fox New York Daily News
  • When he ran the ball it would take several players to take him down. Many times he would take three or four defenders into the end zone with him.

    Ron Marhofer
    Ron Marhofer Friend and Stow High School Teamate
  • "What makes Larry's accomplishments even more fantastic is that he gets so much of the yardage on his own, I think he is the most valuable player we have had in my 19 years at Syracuse"

    Ben Swartzwalder
    Ben Swartzwalder Hall of Fame football coach at Syracuse University
  • "Larry Csonka exemplified what it took to be a winner!
    I loved coaching him!"

    Don Shula
    Don Shula Head Coach, Miami Dolphins


As the Miami Dolphins prepare to play the Denver Broncos this weekend, I’m thinking back to the late 60’s / early 70’s when my Syracuse teammate, Floyd Little, and I first became part of the new NFL. The NFL had been formed by combining the AFL and the old NFL just a few years before […]


For those who watched, the Dolphins game against the Ravens was a painful experience last night.   Many of you shared your frustrations and concerns with me on Twitter during the game and asked my opinion. I believe the identity of our offense, particularly a young, developing offense, starts [...]


I’m afraid I started this season with exceptionally high hopes.  The Dolphins were among the worst in the league.  Then, with Coach Gase on board, we’re suddenly in the playoffs.  Additionally, they acquired some quality talent in key positions during the offseason so my expectations were high [...]


I think so.  After watching the progress of the Dolphins team under Coach Gase, I’m more optimistic about the team than I have been in years.  Coach Gase has taken the opportunity to bring past players he’s coached or coached against on to the current squad.  With this, I believe he’s [...]


Audrey and I always look forward to the Alaskan summers.  All residents and visitors, typically, have many plans revolving around outdoor activities – fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, gardening, berry picking, etc., etc. One trip we especially look forward to is an annual trek up the “Haul [...]


Last week, I posted an article published recently recalling the time Paul Warfield, Jim Kiick and I jumped from the National Football League to the new World Football League.  This created a lot of engagement and many inquiries on Facebook from Miami fans who remembered this time in Dolphin and [...]

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