• “SmokeeJo” Barkoskie Camp Cook

    Joe and Larry Csonka have been family friends for a long, long time. After 5 years of appearing on “Csonka Outdoors” as host of his Cooking with SmokeeJo segment and Larry’s favorite “camp cook,” Joe has moved his popular segment to Larry’s “Napa’s North to Alaska” series. While Joe will continue to provide us with unique and easy ways to prepare fish and game from Alaska, he’ll also make occasional guest appearances in the shows – experiencing first hand some Alaskan adventures for himself. He’ll also provide some creative tips for making the most of camp ingredients! An AVID outdoorsman, Joe finds it hard to describe Alaska’s wilderness, fishing and hunting opportunities. He says, “it’s beyond words, you just have to experience it for yourself!”

    Joe is a lifelong native of Northeast Florida. He grew up in Palm Valley, a rural area roughly 20 miles north of St. Augustine.  From the time he was big enough to cast a rod or fire a gun he hunted and fished the local woods and waterways with his father.  It was in those early days, helping his dad prepare and cook the game for the family meal, that Joe became interested in cooking.

    Joe’s parents also managed the “Palm Valley Fish Camp” where Joe would listen to the customers tell their fish stories and give their insight into cooking and seasoning.  Many years have passed since then and Joe has honed his skills in his own kitchen, taking recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and experimenting with his own spices and sauces.

    Today Joe is heralded throughout the area as the host of hosts and his parties are not to be missed. You can always count on a good time and plenty of good eatin’ at SmokeeJo’s!

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