make a journey, typically of some
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Audrey and I discovered a unique travel service a few years ago and have benefited greatly ever since.  We learned of WorldVentures and their product, DreamTrips, through family and friends who were using this service for business travel, weekend getaways and popular vacation destinations around the world.   

There are many layers of benefits to each membership.  Each of the four levels is low cost and offer tremendous value so we could choose the membership right for our travel needs and budget.  And, any money we pay towards membership can be used to further reduce the cost of our travel.

We can book great deals for specific trips on scheduled dates OR travel wherever and whenever we want.  We can also plan our own private trips with family, friends or fans at wholesale pricing.  So far, we’ve offered a Miami Dolphins game, a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and three different Alaska destinations to any DreamTrips member who wants to join us!

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