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A Football Life – The Perfect Backfield


If you missed the first airing of the special last month, you can view it here on the NFL Network Website.

Aside from the timeless back and forth banter of former teammates, this special digs deep into the unique relationship of these three legends during the NFL’s only perfect season, the relationship with Don Shula, and stories that you have never heard before anywhere else.

Watch as Larry teaches Jim and Merc how to fish and embrace the joy he get’s in seeing them both get their first catch. Hear Merc’s take on fitting in between these two huge personalities. Listen to Jim talk about his struggle with adding a third back, but ending up embracing it in the end.

On the NFL Network Website, the special is split up into 4 segments. Click here to watch all of them from the beginning.

Here are a few great quotes from the special. 

“We just had a personality that sort of meshed. We played football because we had fun playing it.”
– Jim Kiick on his friendship with Larry Csonka

“We did one thing: we hit perfection. When you become a definition, not just a number, then you are in a special place.”
– Larry Csonka

“We have this relationship and this bond over this one specific thing that we did in professional sport like nobody else ever did.”
–Mercury Morris on his bond with teammates Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick

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