Dolphins Show Flashes of Csonka, Kiick & Morris

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Dolphins Show Flashes of Csonka, Kiick & Morris

The Miami Dolphins backfield averages 5 yards per carry for the first time since 1971 when Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick, and Mercury Morris rushed for a season average of over five yards per carry.

It only took a single game for Csonka to see a difference. Seen here in his Facebook post on the day of the season opener.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 6.28.39 AM

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  • James Danz

    Zonk, I was just watching a football life, The Perfect Backfield. It brought back so many memories to me about the 72/73 season. As a young boy of 6 1/2 years of age at the time who lived in North Miami and was either watching the Dolphins games locally on TV with my dad, family and friends and also being lucky enough to attend some of those games live at the Orange Bowl during the perfect season has created memories that have always stayed with me my entire life. My father Robert was a pilot and died the summer of 73 in an air accident out of Miami International Airport and although it was a devastating time for me and my family I have to tell you that the Miami Dolphins & Larry Csonka brought me and my younger brother so much joy & happiness during a bleak time in our lives and I just needed to share with you how much you meant to me and my brother to have something and someone to believe in and focus on and it helped take our minds off of our loss. We have such an appreciation and love of the game today because of the player you were, the team you played for and the person you are. Today I am 48 years old and my son James Jr will be 8 this December and he is as big a fan of the Miami Dolphins as his dad is today and his grandfather was. My son knows all about the Perfect Season, The No Name Defense, Larry Little, Shula, Manny, Bob, Earl, Paul, Jim, Mercury, Nick and my hero #39 Larry Csonka. My brother and I have made a pact and when the Dolphins are back in a Super Bowl we will be taking our sons to that game no matter where it is played. Thank You for being our Hero Zonk.

    Kind Regards,
    James Danz – Scottsdale Arizona

    • ZONK

      James, I love reading these, but this one has a special place. Thanks!

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