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Larry-FireworksAs a boy, I remember the 4th of July in my hometown of Stow, OH as a typical small town celebration.  We’d attend the parade on Main Street honoring our local veterans and watch the little league baseball playoffs.  Then, it was off to the fireworks display at the Kent State airport and ball fields on Route 5.

Later in life, Independence Day marked the end of the off-season and the end of celebrating with my teammates any success we’d enjoyed the previous year.  Training camp began shortly after the 4th with 4-5 weeks of double sessions (two on field practices a day) in 90+-degree heat in tropic-like humidity. It was a grueling, miserable affair under Coach Shula and something I did NOT look forward to!  However, no one can argue with the success that regimen brought us.

Now, I’m usually in Alaska July 4th in more favorable temps.  We’ll have friends visiting from out of state this year.  The weather forecast is promising for a backyard bonfire and something good on the BBQ and, with a little luck; the fish will be biting too!

Happy 4th of July…be safe…and many thanks to all veterans!


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